Romney says EPA should be force of good, not evil

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should use its power for good, not evil, Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney told supporters Thursday night at a fundraiser in London where he will attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

“My view is that the EPA — if it keeps to its mission and does not use its power to foster or further an anti-carbon energy agenda — would be a more effective department,” Romney told the crowd.

Politico is reporting the comments today, and says that Romney also criticized as overreach the Supreme Court’s Massachusetts v. EPA decision in 2007.

“I happen to think that the decision by the Supreme Court and by the administration to have the EPA also regulate the emissions of carbon dioxide was beyond the intent of the original legislation,” Romney said.

“I believe the EPA has to see itself as being responsible for our air and water and not take action which can prevent us from taking advantage of the extraordinary energy resources we have, such as coal, oil, natural gas,” Romney said.