"Occupy??? May Day violence in Seattle and Oakland


The big Occupy Wall Street fireworks planned for May Day were canceled, as five members of the movement – including a couple of formerly prominent “organizers” – were busted by the FBI for trying to blow up a bridge in Cleveland.  Luckily for the other Occupy “organizers,” the media was instantly willing to accept their declaration that these “anarchists” had nothing to do with the movement, even though they were energetic members who attended meetings only a few days ago. 

It’s a good thing, too, because CBS News reports that after they finished blowing stuff up in Cleveland, the bridge bombers planned to head for Chicago to pull off an even “crazier” attack on the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago – crazy enough to require body armor.  They envisioned “a s**tload of people going to Chicago to protest the summit would first come to Cleveland, presumably drawn by the destruction of the bridge,” according to FBI interviews with ringleader Douglas Wright. 

Here’s a picture of the whole merry crew, courtesy of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  Wright’s the one in the upper left corner.  You’ve never seen anyone like these guys at an “Occupation,” right?

The Plain-Dealer also threw in a video prepared by Occupy Cleveland, in which the sale of foreclosed property is denounced as “organized crime” that “kills communities.”  Occupy organizer – er, excuse me, completely unaffiliated free-range anarchist – Brandon Baxter was arrested at the protest featured in this video.  But that all happened a long time ago!  Five whole weeks, to be exact. 

It’s hard to understand how people affiliated with a movement that claims the power to declare anyone it dislikes a community-killing criminal, and loves parading around in a mask associated with both real and fictional anarchist bombers, would get the idea that blowing up a bridge would be a big statement that strikes a blow against the corrupt system, and rallies more excitable, unemployed young people to their cause. 

Oddly enough, given that these intellectual godsons of Bill Ayers have absolutely nothing to do with the Occupy movement, their plan was based on precisely the same logic Occupy employed when it tried to boost its flagging membership with violent riots in Seattle and Oakland on Tuesday. 

Small businesses in downtown Oakland declared themselves “shaken and on high alert” after an Occupy mob rampaged through the city and clashed with police.  Forty of them flooded into a café and trashed it, telling the owner she was being punished for denying Occupy’s orders to carry out a general strike on May Day.  Another café was left unmolested because it advertised itself as “a safe harbor and hub for people who are participating in the May Day protests” on Facebook.

Things were a lot worse in Seattle, where the mayor issued “an emergency declaration allowing police to confiscate items that can be used as weapons following violent May Day protests that left storefronts and car windows shattered,” according to Fox News.   Masked “Black Bloc” brigades “smashed windows of retail stores and banks, and spray-painted parked cars.”  They were also swinging “items that looked like flagpoles” as weapons, attacked photographers, and set fire to a federal courthouse.  Some of them brought their small children along to watch the riots.  Conservative pundit Michelle Malkin highlighted the absurdity of a kid wearing Nike sneakers helping to destroy the local Nike store.

Malkin’s Twitter news site,, also amassed a fine collection of May Day Tweets from Occupiers who encouraged killing the bourgeoisie, landlords, cops, and other enemies.  They’re probably all “rogue elements,” though.  Occupy is the first movement in history to have more “rogue elements” than true-blue bona fide members.

Perhaps an enterprising member of the press will ask President Obama if he’s prepared to withdraw his endorsement of Occupy Wall Street now.  They should also ask House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who cried “God bless them!” and praised the Occupiers for their “spontaneity” and “focus,” if she wants to stand by her enthusiastic endorsement.  Let’s also get Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in front of some cameras and ask if he plans to continue parroting Occupy Wall Street rhetoric.

The Cleveland bomb plot probably marks the end of media efforts to compare Occupy Wall Street to the Tea Party in a positive way.  You won’t see many more Tiger Beat love notes romanticizing these thugs as “the liberal Tea Party” in a complimentary manner.  Instead, you’ll start seeing more dark warnings that the Tea Party is one birth certificate away from turning into Occupy, particularly if the Tea Party begins rallying in advance of the 2012 elections.  Keep an eye peeled for gloomy editorials about the dangers of leaderless grassroots movements on both sides of the political spectrum.