Paul Ryan Video Interview: America Cannot Survive Another Four Years of Obama

He gets right to the point.
Named the “Conservative of the Year” by the editors of HUMAN EVENTS, Paul Ryan tells us that the country’s only hope of remaining free and prosperous is to defeat Obama in 2012.
“Under the Obama second term, we will enter into to a European austerity phase where we will essentially be managing our decline,” he told us. “We will have a weaker national defense. We will have stagnant economic growth or not much economic growth at all, and we will have more of a cradle-to-grave society because ObamaCare will get turned down.”
Ryan refers to the fact that even if the Republicans regain control of the Senate, Obama will veto any piece of legislation sent to him that rescinds the signature health-care overhaul of his first term. And it is unlikely that the GOP would have enough votes to override the veto pen of Barack.

If ObamaCare ends up being fully implemented, Ryan says that America will reach two tipping points: “A moral tipping point of more people dependent on the federal government and a fiscal tipping point of the debt getting the best of us and losing control of the situation.”
The debt crisis can’t be stressed enough. To put in perspective just how much of an anvil this Administration’s polices are to the economy, Obama has tacked on more to the national debt than the first 41 presidents combined (George Washington to George Bush), and he’s done so in a mere 32 months.
“The next two years will make it or break it: whether we go back to our limited government [and] economic freedom” or a “European social democracy.”
Paul Ryan was named “Conservative of the Year” by HUMAN EVENTS because he did what no other Republican Party official would: Take Medicare head on. Medicare’s trajectory under current policies is “definitely unsustainable.” That’s coming from Obama’s own Congressional Budget Office Director, Douglas Elmendorf.
For years, Ryan has recognized the sustainability problem, yet he was only able to rally a handful of Republicans by his side to co-sponsor legislation that would address what is arithmetically inevitable: The collapse of Medicare. Fast forward to today: Ryan’s plans to restructure Medicare with means-testing and competition was not only adopted by the House of Representatives, but entitlement reform isn’t off limits amongst pols any longer. Heck, even Barack Obama talks (but it’s just that…talk) about the need to reform the biggest drivers of our debt, which are entitlements.
Added Ryan: “We have really moved the center of gravity on this issue [Medicare] to where it ought to be.” And that is, “patient-centered, individual-driven, market-based reforms.”