Hey OWS Port Protesters: Way to Stick It to the 99%

The OWS kids are rallying their remaining members (those who weren’t hosed off and sent back home over the last few weeks) in an effort to shut down ports across the West Coast.  In an attempt to really stick it to that 1% of Americans, they are doing their best to hamper commerce by disrupting consumer distribution channels and hurting wage earners (you know, that other 99% of Americans)—during the holidays.  I’m not going to mince words in addressing the OWS kids:  This is absurd.  Enough already, you’ve made your point—you don’t like greed (or in some cases, showering).  We get it.
How the OWS protesters intend to stick it to the 1% by blocking access to West Coast ports is beyond me.  I think at this point they are more upset that their disheveled brethren have been kicked out of squalid camps across the country, and the media (thank the Lord) has finally scaled back the love affair.  Their time has come and gone, and they need to realize that their efforts are now only hurting regular Americans trying to get to work and support their families.
For example, just this week in Portland (Oregon), officials were forced to close two terminals because of the protesters, and in doing so prevented approximately 375 regular Americans (the real 99%) from being able to work—and collect pay—for the day.
Earlier this week in Oakland, Calif., (which has seen more than its fair share of problems from OWS malice) the port reopened after protesters managed to cause a disruption overnight that “cost the Port and City of Oakland vital resources,” an official said.
Well done, kids.  Costing cities valuable resources and taking money out of hard-working Americans’ pockets.  That’ll show the 1%!
Who exactly are they trying to influence?  If they think this will actually put a dent Wall Street, they are kidding themselves.  This is only hurting regular Americans, and just proves that this movement has truly jumped the shark—although some may argue that was done at the onset of the Wall Street tantrum.  But how can we make them realize this?  Clearly common sense will not work.  If that were effective, the entire movement wouldn’t have begun in the first place.
Ironically, the media, which had coddled these protesters for so long and rushed to give them as much positive coverage as possible, is doing its best to play down port coverage, while claiming that these acts do not represent the OWS movement at large.  While there is a chance this is true, it isn’t provable.  What metric is the press using to back up this claim?  There is no formal leadership for the OWS movement, nor is there a formal, coherent outline that dictates its positions/solutions.  What gives, mainstream media?  Why not report the entire set of events as it unfolds?  Could it be because of media bias?  Nah, that would never happen in America … right?
Luckily, most Americans are finding other things to focus on. With presidential primaries nearly upon us, Christmas presents to wrap, and college football bowl games to watch, Americans can move on with their lives.  Whether or not the OWS kids will do the same is doubtful.  Like it or not, there is a segment of the population that truly believes America is an unfair, intolerant and altogether crummy place to live—and they vote (sometimes).  But luckily there are those of us who still believe America is that shining city on the hill whose best days are ahead of her.  Each of us must always remember to call out shenanigans when we see it.  So, while on the topic of the OWS kids: “Shenanigans.”