It Begins. TN School Tells Coaches Not to Bow Heads During Prayer

Now they’re telling us that we can’t bow our heads.

Football coaches in Sumner County, Tennessee, are in trouble for bowing their heads during a student-led prayer.

Via Poor Richard’s News


WSMV reported:

Some football coaches are in trouble for something they did with their players. They said a prayer. That has the school district taking action. And the policy, while it may be the law, has plenty of people up in arms.

Every school district has a responsibility to follow the law, and separate private faith from public school. It can be a fine line at times. One crossed in Sumner County, it seems, when the coaches didn’t say a word during a student-led prayer, but they did bow their heads. In a town like Westmoreland, faith and football seem to matter.

“We’re just respectful, God-fearing people up here,” resident Tony Bentle said. Bentle called games for Westmoreland High School for 42 years. “A lot of history. A lot of changes. A lot of football,” he said.

So when he, like a lot of people, heard what happened after a recent game at the middle school. “It actually blew my mind, that we had come to that point,” he said. “Nobody in this town is offended if you pray. Nobody.”

During a student-originated, student-led prayer, four coaches bowed their heads. They didn’t say a word.

Step by step democrats are erasing Chrisitianity from American culture. When will Americans stand up and say enough is enough?