Broad Support for Muslim Radicalization Hearings

A new poll has come out showing that there is widespread support for Rep. Peter King’s (R.-N.Y.) Muslim radicalization hearings that take place before the House Homeland Security Committee.  The advocacy group Support America Now released a poll that showed that 63% of Americans support those hearings.
King has held three separate hearings identifying the many different threats that come from the problem of Muslim radicalization.  The first hearing was about radicalization in the overall Muslim community, the second was about Muslim radicalization in prisons, and the third was about the radical Muslim terrorist network from Somalia, al-Shabaab.
All of these hearings have brought in expert witnesses that have both warned of the serious threat that radical Islam poses to the U.S. and have explained serious strategies to combat the problem.
The hearings have often turned into a circus because of the over-the-top rhetoric from the Democrats on the Homeland Security Committee.
The ringleader has usually been Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, who once said during a hearing that the whole proceeding had been “tainted” and that the Constitution was in “pain.”
The heated, and sometimes nonsensical, attacks during the hearings have sometimes detracted from the serious testimonials and the thoughtful discussions about how the nation can deal with a problem that most Americans find to be very serious.
In the first hearing about the radicalization of Muslims in the general community, King brought in a star witness, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, who has been at the forefront of the struggle.  Jasser is the founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), has served in the U.S. Navy, and is a practicing physician.  He also happens to be a devout Muslim.
The ridiculous environment didn’t deter Jasser from giving testimony that both warned Americans of the danger of Muslim radicalization and also conveyed hope that much of the problem can and should be solved within the Muslim community.

“The vast majority of Americans were able to step back away from all the histrionics and distracting theater and look at the substance of the testimony provided by the witnesses,” Jasser said to HUMAN EVENTS.
Jasser has consistently advocated for moderation and reform in the Muslim community, and has taken this fight to the national stage.  He has a very Jeffersonian belief that politics and religion work too closely together in the Muslim world, and bringing political Islam to the U.S. is the goal of the radicals.
“Distractions, denials and avoidance can only last so long.  Eventually, the American public will wake up to come together to protect our nation against the threat and realize that while the vast majority of Muslims are patriotic and peaceful, this is a Muslim problem that needs a Muslim solution,” Jasser said.
Jasser also mentioned his frustration to HUMAN EVENTS about the stonewalling and attempts to stop the hearings from taking place, while highlighting how Americans have seen through the rhetoric and understand the importance of examining Muslim radicalization in depth.
Jasser said, “Whether Islamists or their apologists, despite all of their antics complaining about targeting Muslims in these hearings, the majority of Americans, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, are obviously smart enough to see through that smoke screen.”
With such support, it is unlikely that King will end his hearings anytime soon, in spite of the nonstop attacks that he has endured because of them.
In the most recent hearing, King emphasized his commitment to continuing the series:  “Let me make this clear to the New York Times and their acolytes in the politically correct, moral equivalency media—I will not back down from holding these hearings.  I will continue to hold these so long as I’m the chairman of this committee.”