Buckley Award Ceremony to Hail Rising Conservative Stars

The Young Conservatives Coalition will host the second annual Young Conservative Leadership Buckley Award ceremony, recognizing five conservative rising stars who’ve made significant contributions within the conservative movement over the past year.  All winners are younger than 40.  The ceremony, slated for Thursday, Sept, 29, is in honor of the late William F. Buckley Jr., the conservative movement leader and icon who founded National Review, wrote 40 books, including God and Man at Yale, and published a regular column syndicated to 300 newspapers.  He educated and inspired thousands of conservatives, especially young ones, through his articles, books and TV appearances. 
“To be in the same sentence with William F. Buckley is a huge honor, so you can imagine how grateful I feel to get an award in his name,” Paul Teller, one of the recipients, told HUMAN EVENTS.  “I’m of course humbled by the recognition, but also realize that there is so much more work for conservatives to do if we are to truly restore liberty in America.”
The Buckley Award recipients are young conservatives that have followed Buckley’s example and conveyed the conservative message across the country, and through various media and public policy outlets.  The winners include Paul Teller, executive director of the Republican Study Committee, Matt Lewis, senior contributor to The Daily Caller, Peter Redpath, vice president and director of the student division of The Federalist Society, Vinnie Vernuccio, legal policy counsel of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and Amy Frederick, president of the 60 Plus Association.  (Yes, she’s under 40.)  The event will be co-sponsored by America’s Future Foundation, the College Republican National Committee, and Townhall/Hot Air.
“It’s obviously an honor to receive this award.  Perhaps some of his wisdom will rub off now?  Regardless, I can only strive to be a fifth as eloquent—and perhaps a tenth as cool—as Buckley,” Matt Lewis told HUMAN EVENTS.
The Young Conservatives Coalition (YCC) is a Washington, D.C.-based professional networking organization for young conservatives dedicated to fostering valuable relationships in the conservative movement for social and professional development.  The YCC has united a diverse group of young professional conservatives who represent leading conservative organizations on and off Capitol Hill.
“This is the second year the YCC has given out this award to deserving young professional conservatives who’ve advanced the conservative cause and showed courage under fire,” said YCC President Chris Malagisi.  “We are proud to honor these individuals for their contributions to the conservative movement, and the example they set for others.
The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday, Sept. 29, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington, D.C.