The Steamboat Institute's Annual Freedom Conference to Feature Lights of Conservatism

One of the great challenges to America and to the conservative movement is how to restore America based on the principles of the Founding Fathers.  The Steamboat Institute, which is committed to doing just that, is having its third annual Freedom Conference in beautifully picturesque Steamboat Springs, Colo., on Friday and Saturday.
The former communications director for the 2008 Mike Huckabee campaign and a Steamboat Institute founding member, Kirsten Fedewa, said of the upcoming conference, “We are literally returning to the mountaintop with the nation’s most brilliant conservative thinkers to discuss how to rebuild our country in the wake of these troubling financial, economic and political woes.”
Fedewa also said, “The Steamboat Institute’s Freedom Conference is about how we can reshape America’s destiny in these turbulent times.  Even our most difficult challenges are surmountable if we stick to our conservative principles.”
The Steamboat Institute is bringing together many of the leading lights of conservatism.  The guest list includes National Review Editor Jonah Goldberg, Townhall columnist Tony Blankley and economics guru Steve Moore of the Wall Street Journal.
Members of Congress will also attend or speak through a video presentation, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh.  The focus will be put on many of the freshman who came into office riding the wave of discontent with the Democratic Party’s agenda.
In the spirit of  Ronald Reagan, conservatives at the Freedom Conference will bring a positive outlook to America’s future.  This is in line with the visionary and profound words of the Founding Fathers, and with the ideas that animated them in the creation of the United States.
Fedewa said, “We are taking a page out of the Founding Fathers’ roadmap to figure out how to chart the course ahead.”
The main agenda of the two-day summit will be to demonstrate how free-market principles can help revitalize struggling industries, and strengthen and change moribund government initiative—exactly the philosophy that jump-started the conservative movement to begin with.
Ambassador James Glassman, who is the executive director of the George W. Bush Institute and host of the show “Ideas in Action,” will be the keynote speaker at the convention.  He has worked extensively in the promotion of education reform as well as in using new media to improve United States diplomacy around the world.
He jumped on early with social networking technology that could bolster U.S. diplomacy abroad.  Calling it Diplomacy 2.0, Glassman highlighted how new technologies can open up a path to freedom for people living under tyrannical regimes.
In line with the conference itself, Glassman’s agenda has always been the promotion of freedom.
About his commitment to that message at the Freedom Conference, Glassman told HUMAN EVENTS, “Freedom is the answer to what ails the U.S. economy and the global geopolitical situation, both.  But freedom is under threat—both at home and abroad.”
Glassman went on to say, “At The Steamboat Institute conference, I will be advancing an optimistic, enthusiastic vision of where America is and where we can go.  These are not the worst of times.  They are the best of times.”
On top of the calls for greater freedom, the Freedom Conference will pay tribute to the greatest defenders of that freedom, members of the Unites States military. Specifically, the Rocky Mountain USO will be at the event.  It will be represented by Director Joe Aldaz and a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and decorated Navy veteran Peter Brookes.
Taking place in Colorado, the Freedom Conference is right in the middle of a battleground state that went to President Barack Obama in the last election, but is open and receptive to change in 2012.
Similar to the Washington, D.C., annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), the Freedom Conference will serve as a focal point for activists and leaders in conservative thought, but it takes place in the heart of the American West instead of the nation’s capital.
Steamboat Institute Chairwoman Jennifer Schubert-Akin said of the influential conference, “We’re so pleased that The Steamboat Institute continues to attract some of the greatest conservative leaders of our generation. We are looking forward to a robust exchange of ideas at our summer conference.”