The Next American President Must Redeem Our Exceptionalism

The focus for 2012 so far has been exclusively on which Republican candidate is most electable.  This is hardly the issue.  The next time Americans vote for President will be far more historically significant than as a mere presidential election.  The next presidential election is not only an election of a person, it is also, and more importantly, a referendum on American independence and statehood.
The next American President must vow to return to the founding principle of the American idea: individual rights.  The next American President must advocate and cheerlead for the most benevolent and productive human system in the world: capitalism.
Barack Obama’s socialism is wrecking the American economy and relinquishing American sovereignty.  Obama’s disastrous policies cannot be reversed overnight.  This presidential putsch is the crowning achievement of a 50-year campaign of sedition and infiltration of uber-Left, anti-American statism.  In many ways it is even older than 50 years, going back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal.  And imagine: Lyndon Baines Johnson, the Great Society socialist, wasn’t leftist enough, and was forced not to run for reelection despite designing the “Great Society” legislation that included Public Broadcasting, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, aid to education, and his “War on Poverty.”  The far Left has been working toward the Obama administration for years, and his election was its finest hour.
No, the tragic election of Barack Hussein Obama was no accident, and the consequences of it will be catastrophic and painful.  But we as a people, a free people, hold our destiny in our hands.  The next President must campaign, and govern, on austerity, and on American power and exceptionalism.  He or she must campaign on the promise to dismantle Big Government, roll back this monster, and deregulate the chains on our economic engine.  We must unshackle the small businessman and destroy the crippling system of serfdom by way of entitlements.  These are harsh but unavoidable realities.
We must be free and we must vote for freedom first, for this was the very idea of America encompassed in individual rights.  This was our founding principle.  Small government in defense of individual rights, property rights and the national defense.
The next President must have integrity, political will and spine (something in very short supply in Washington, and so we will have to go out of the box).  We must fight for accurate information and ignore a media with an activist, propagandist agenda.  It has gotten down to that: the media vs. the people.  So we must do our homework and we must advocate the candidacy of the American who has the intellectual muscle and testicular fortitude for the coming storm.  We need straight answers and not rhetoric.  What are his or her mission objectives?  Where does the candidate stand on Iran?  The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?  The Muslim Brotherhood groups in America?  And the powerful malevolent influence of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation?
Where does he or she stand on our participation in the United Nations?  The next President must promise to tie funds to the UN to results and reform.  The next President must stop sending foreign aid to despots and their murdering regimes.  The next President must export political freedom based on individual rights, and reward countries that work toward that goal.
We must demand and elect freedom-loving officials on all levels, who will work with the next President of the United States to return to our founding principles and essential value system.
We can battle over how we got here, but the fundamental point is that such an undertaking must be initiated: a renewal of the vows we made in 1776.  For no matter what the causes were, the outcome is clear.  We are here, in America and the world of 2011, a new and terrible place, a precipice with disastrous implications for the United States (and consequently, the world).
It’s a battle, I know.  The brains of our young have been marinating in a toxic ooze.  They have been indoctrinated by a leftist public school system, a morally corrupt and value-bankrupt culture, and a university system designed to destroy critical thinking and instead produce generations of lemmings, foot soldiers who bark and march on command.
Those of us who remember freedom and know what it is must therefore fight all the harder.