Breitbart: Sarah Palin 'Gets' Pop Culture

In fact, not only does Andrew Breitbart think that Palin’s the only GOP candidate to understand how culture influences politics (not vice versa), but he believes that that’s why the mainstream media targeted the former Alaska governor.  “They want to destroy her,” he told us, “because they [media] recognize that she has a transcendent pop culture factor.”

Here’s Part Three of our interview with the author of the brand-new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World, in which he discusses what makes Palin so appealing, and why establishment Republicans should take notice.

Speaking of Sarah Palin, her nemesis during the ’08 campaign was Katie Couric, who was not really trying give American voters information about this possible vice president, but was instead out to humiliate her.

Palin got the last laugh, Breitbart says, when CBS dismissed Couric for her abysmal ratings.  “When I watch Katie Couric lose her job, that is a victory in this battle, because that person has manipulated media in the name of objectivity to take people down.”


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