Andrew Breitbart: From College Slacker to Conservative Media Mogul

He’s been in the middle of taking down the Democrat Party’s organizing arm ACORN.  He’s exposed many of President Obama’s vile czars.  He’s provided rapid-fire rebuttals via his websites Big Government and Big Journalism to the Left’s contemptible smear that the Tea Party is driven by racism.  He’s targeted Tinsel Town while staying committed to influencing America’s culture with his other website Big Hollywood and he’s greeted with rock-star status at conservative conferences and College Republican confabs across the country.

But, to those who knew Andrew Breitbart in his early years, this may all come as a shock, for as Breitbart himself acknowledges, he was a college slacker who imbibed the same liberal waters that has affected many in academia as well as those in his native Los Angeles. 

While stopping by the Human Events office to discuss his brand-new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World, Breitbart shared with us the turning points that led to his conservative conversion. (Hint: El Rushbo had something to do with it.).

Here’s Part One of our interview with conservative publisher, Andrew Breitbart:


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