Herman Cain Punches Up At Donald Trump on The Mark Levin Show

Former businessman and conservative talk radio host Herman Cain went on The Mark Levin Show last night and took on Donald Trump by saying that conservatives probably would not support a Trump candidacy and Tea Party supporters Cain has spoken to think Donald Trump is a “trojan horse.”

“Look at some of the things Trump has said in the past, conservatives won’t accept him,” Cain said.

By taking on Trump, Cain may be looking to make a play for voters who are currently telling pollsters that Trump is their first choice for the Republican nomination.

Other potential candidates have been lukewarm, at best, about taking on Trump.

Voters may be putting Trump above other candidates because Trump represents a fresh face that attacks Obama and is unapologetically nationalistic. Another reason, though, is the unending media coverge Trump has gotten.

On his radio show, Levin mentioned how the media likes to try to pick candidates for voters and often ignore conservatives like Cain.

Cain replied that his supporters are internet savvy and implied that he may gain traction if he gets more attention from the media.

Levin suggested that that attention may come after nationally televised debates.

Cain also mentioned his five point tax plan that includes the reduction of corporate taxes and a payroll tax holiday for a year. He also said that it would not be smart to raise the debt ceiling.

“He’s a very decent man. You can tell that by listening to him,” Levin said after interviewing him.

If candidates such as Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee end up not running, Cain could get traction quickly once the 2012 race heats up.

The segment can be listened to here.