2012 Politics, Race and the Presidential Election

As both political parties draw up their game plans for the 2012 presidential election, President Obama and the Democrats seem poised to strike out on a path similar to the one that led them to a 2008 victory. Evidently they are counting on being aided by the mainstream news media trumpeting “Kill the infidel Republicans” and “Long live Obama and the Democrats.”

Once reliable sentinels for truth, the news media’s clarion trumpet calls have been corroded by the caustic effects of partiality and they are now just errand boys for left wing interests fortressed in the halls of the U.S. Congress. No more can they be relied upon as honest brokers.

The Democrats will try to solidify their liberal base while trying to quarantine and disguise the telltale signs of left wing political lunacy. They will continue to blame President Bush and the Republicans for all Democrat failures and indiscretions.

When that doesn’t work — and it will fail because the public is sick of these kinds of shenanigans — honest criticism of Obama will be attributed to racial prejudice and the Democrat’s race baiting demagogues will be loosed to run rampant. This tactic worked for them in 2008, and they are counting on its leading them to victory in 2012.

Unfortunately, the Republicans have no clue as to how devastating Obama’s emphasis on color over content will be to their campaign in 2012. Though historically Republicans have been sensitive to the injustices of slavery and the bitter years of struggle for equal civil rights for all races, religions and creeds, still they are seriously self-conflicted about how to adequately respond to Democrat race baiting.

It was this hesitancy to call a spade a spade and a sense of “white guilt” that fooled the nation in 2008 into elevating a mediocre, un-vetted “man of color” to the oval office. As things shape up for 2012, Obama will again be counting on getting 90% of the black vote plus the white guilt vote every time he flashes his I am a victim of racial prejudice trump card.

But there is no reason why the American people have to impotently capitulate every time Obama or the Democrats obliquely insinuate racial motives into the race or cast racial aspersions on those who honestly oppose him. It’s time the American voters realized that the country’s biased news media will never level the playing field and, as a result, the electorate will be forced to do much of its own research into presidential candidates’ qualifications.

In the 2012 presidential race the Republicans will field five or six middle aged white men and one young white woman, and the Democrats will offer up Obama as their candidate. Every time Obama plays the race card during the campaign — which will be often – the Republican candidates will scuttle underneath the nearest rug and hide there until the “all clear” sounds, if ever. So, just as he did in 2008, Obama will keep the Republican Party and its presidential candidates playing defense for the entire campaign, especially since none of them will be “of color” and able to take Obama on directly in matters of race.

America’s grass roots Tea Party Movement got it right. So far only they have had the guts to stand up to the “inside the beltway political bullies” and lead their foot soldiers up the hill — Capitol Hill – to victory. Fortunately they have refused to be sucked in by vacuous racial slurs and inflammatory fictions lobbed over the wall by supposedly “enlightened” imposters who pretend to be the defenders of progress, but in reality are only playing “patty cake.”  

The best way for the Republican Party to successfully push back against and counter the “race card” playing antics of Obama and the left is to clearly and unashamedly articulate and defend the legacy they have rightfully earned as the nation’s champion of civil rights. That is why the Republican Party, in 1860, was originally named “The Antislavery Republican Party.” And that’s why it was the Republican Party — not the Democrat Party – that pushed the Civil Rights legislation of the 1960s through Congress.

Now is the time for both parties to purge themselves of the “mamby pamby” political establishment” fossils they currently have in both Houses of Congress, the “Let’s just get along” crowd. This is the rallying cry the American people are screaming, the one that poet Julia Ward Howe framed, “He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never sound retreat; he is sifting out the hearts of men before his judgment seat.”

Today the American people are demanding truth, justice and a return to the “good old American ways” of our Founders. They will not settle for less. This is the message our citizens are demanding that both political parties respond to in 2012.