DeMint On A Government Shutdown: Bring It

In the second part of his exclusive interview with HUMAN EVENTS, DeMint said that Republicans must not let themselves be bullied into supporting any spending bills that would increase the debt, even if it meant that non-essential portions of the government went underfunded and were effectively shutdown.

“None of us wants a government shutdown, but it’s not something that we should be so afraid of that we’re willing to cave into more debt.  I think America expects us to fight more spending, more debt.”

The current “continuing resolution” that passed Congress late last year funds the government up until March 4, a considerable victory for the GOP because it means that they now get to set spending priorities for most of 2011.

To DeMint, his Party must draw a line in the sand and force the President to curb the spending levels in the next “continuing resolution.”

If the next CR is not slimmed-down, count on DeMint’s strong opposition. “This is not something we should give in to. We need to demand some institutional discipline as part of this whole [spending] debate.”

DeMint was named the “Conservative of the Year” by Human Events for 2010.