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For December 28, 2010
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1. Senate Democrats Poised for Power Grab

Senate Democrats are presently working over the Christmas break to deliver a lump of coal to the American people in the form of a radical changing of the Senate’s rules. This is a naked power grab by liberals in the Senate pure and simple.

The National Journal reports that Senate Democrats are laying the groundwork to chip away at the filibuster on January 5, 2011. They are going to push the idea that a simple majority of the Senate can abolish the filibuster rules, or radically change the rules, in a new Congress.

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2. President Meets With Union Bosses to Discuss Government-Union “Partnership”

The U.S. Department of Labor, which has become akin to the Ministry of Workers’ Councils, regularly issues a newsletter via e-mail and posts it on the Ministry’s website. This week, among other items touted, was this little gem on union bosses meeting with President Obama to discuss growing the economy and the government-union partnership.

It’s funny that the administration still refuses to admit that unions are the antithesis of private-sector job creation. In fact, it seems the only way unions create jobs is to buy politicians who steal other people’s money, then reward the union bosses with taxpayer dollars and government-approved discrimination.

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3. Read Biden’s Lips: new taxes in 2013!

Vice President Joe Biden, bless his heart, is promising that there’s going to be a tax hike (including one on small businesses) in 2013. This, despite the fact that that the Republicans used their 58/42 minority in the Senate and 256/179 minority in the House to somehow prevent the current ruling party from moving ahead on the promised tax hikes: no doubt the President will make a speech and shine the light of his countenance upon the 112th Congress, thus causing them to tremble and flee the righteous Hope-and-Change of the Lightworker. Or the President will pout, which will probably have roughly the same effect.

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4. Carole Shea-Porter… BROUGHT DOWN BY THE PRC?

That’s the implication, at least: Soon to be former Congresswoman Shea-Porter is going around telling people that the reason that she lost was because of all that dirty, dirty (and apparently foreign) special interest money. The quote: “They’re in the halls of Congress everywhere, and it means, for example, that you sit on a committee and you say something about concern about Chinese influence or something, you don’t even know if in the next election, somehow or another, they manage to send some money to some group that now doesn’t even have to say where they got it.”

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5. The Public-Pension Plague Persists: Tony Soprano Pays a Visit to Sweet Home Alabama

It is hard to imagine a more diverse pair of places that have been overrun by the infestation of public-sector pension problems than Prichard, Alabama and the withering Garden State of New Jersey. One might expect the problems in the Garden State of New Jersey, which is home to such luminaries as Grover Cleveland, Thomas Edison, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and (the fictitious mob boss) Tony Soprano, and where a senator-turned-governor sleeps with a union boss and still nearly wins re-election. However, unlike New Jersey, Prichard, Alabama is hardly an example union bosses run amok—in fact, as a Right-to-Work state, 12 percent of Alabama’s workforce is unionized. Nevertheless, both are the latest examples in a string of bad news stories involving public-sector pensions.

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6. The *true* John Conyers scandal.

Background: back over Thanksgiving weekend John Conyers III (the son of Rep. John Conyers) reported a theft of computers and concert tickets from the car that he was using. The problem? John Conyers III was using the car unlawfully: it was leased to his father’s Congressional office as an official vehicle, and Conyers was not using it in an official capacity. And it wasn’t anything like an one-time event, either: John Conyers III also got a speeding ticket on the car back in September. The behavior was so egregious that Rep. Conyers isn’t even trying to fight it: he’s just swiftly reimbursing the government as comprehensively as possible before the 112th Congress gets sworn in.

None of this is the true scandal. The true scandal is that we’re only hearing about this now. Rep. Conyers – who is, by the way, still the JUDICIARY CHAIR – has a history of abusing official resources. His wife is in jail for bribery. There is thus zero excuse for the media not to jump on this with both feet… and if the man had an R after his name, they would have. Then again, if Rep. Conyers had had an R after his name the media would have destroyed him years ago.

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