"Compassion?" Only in Your DREAMs

Advocates of the latest amnesty, the DREAM Act, claim they have a monopoly on compassion.  But what they’re selling as “compassion” falls short.
The DREAM Act would create a legalization program for at least 2 million illegal aliens. These illegals supposedly were brought to the United States as children and have grown up in this country. This is probably the most sympathetic segment of the 10-plus million illegal immigrant population.
But the bill before Congress isn’t limited to youth. It covers 30-year-olds. Applicants for amnesty get instant legal status, even if they aren’t valid applicants or perpetrate fraud. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can’t move to deport provisional amnesty recipients.
Some types of criminal aliens will get amnesty. Illegals won’t have to serve in the military or finish any kind of schooling beyond high school as a condition on the path to U.S. citizenship.
And talk about a loophole: DHS may not use information from a denied amnesty application to deport the illegal.
DREAMers get in-state tuition and taxpayer-funded student aid. The Center for Immigration Studies estimates DREAM’s education price tag alone will exceed $6 billion a year.
DREAM invites fraud and abuse, gives immunity for at least 10 years to any illegal alien who applies under this amnesty, and promotes chain migration as well as more illegal immigration. 

 The bill does nothing to secure the border, reduce overall immigration or hold accountable the parent lawbreakers who supposedly brought the young illegals here.
It would be possible to craft a reasonable bill to deal with those who truly fall in this circumstance. But reason and thoughtfulness and prudence aren’t the point of this fire drill.
The legislation the Obama White House and Democratic leaders are pushing has never moved through the normal legislative process. A bunch of rabid open-borders types cobbled together a bill that’s more like an advocate’s wish list than serious legislation.
No committee hearings have occurred to air the DREAM Act. No amendments have been allowed through the deliberative committee process. No thoughtful consideration has been given. Instead, a manipulative, emotion-laden lobbying and public-relations campaign has been waged.
The House unveiled its version of DREAM and jammed it through the House, without any amendments considered, within hours.  The bill narrowly passed the House, 216-198. Only eight Republicans voted for DREAM in the House, only two of whom will return in the next Congress. Thirty-eight Democrats voted against this amnesty.
Now, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to bring the House-passed bill before the Senate. Again, without any hearings or markups. Again, without any meaningful debate and amendment on the Senate floor.
Why the rush?  One reason alone: Politics. Come Jan. 5, the new Congress will have a Republican House majority and the margins between the parties will be much narrower in the Senate. The open-borders crowd is beating up the Democrats to give them this bone before the party of the rule of law comes to town.
DREAM backers have trotted out illegal aliens who seem like all-American kids. They point to valedictorians, model students and young people eager to join the U.S. military. Wouldn’t it be the compassionate thing to provide amnesty to these promising youth?
But aside from the fact these few “poster children” don’t typify most DREAMers, DREAM fails on any valid compassion scale.
Where is the compassion for American youth who are denied the in-state tuition that DREAM would reward along with amnesty? Where’s the compassion in forcing college-dreaming Americans to compete in the zero-sum admissions and financial aid game with ranks swollen by illegal aliens? 
Where’s the compassion in slapping legal immigrants who played by the rules across their faces with this mass amnesty?  Where’s the compassion for American taxpayers who already have been required to subsidize these lawbreakers and would now be shaken down again to pick up the tab this amnesty would cost?
How is it compassionate to force through a bill intentionally designed to reward lawbreaking, incite more illegal immigration, let the parents escape accountability for their crimes, leave the borders open and tie the hands of law enforcement concerning fraudulent applicants?
As Caroline Espinosa with NumbersUSA has noted, “These kids illegally received the benefits of American citizens.”  The 2 million DREAMers have already gained tremendous unwarranted, taxpayer-subsidized advantage over countless law-abiding immigrants and law-abiding would-be immigrants. 
Were they to return to their real homeland today, DREAM illegals would take with them qualities, education and perspective setting them ahead of most of the people they would compete with back there.
Congress could take up related measures like punishing illegal parents, placing the costs on the lawbreakers instead of Americans, imposing meaningful conditions on amnesty recipients and first securing the borders.  Then we could prudently deal with the subset of illegals who really were brought here as babes and have lived their entire lives as Americans. But that’s not the DREAM Act.
Lacking these serious considerations, DREAM lacks compassion as truly moral people understand it.