Assimilation Won't Stop Jihad

Cell phone video emerged Wednesday of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, the Muslim in Oregon who attempted to bomb Pioneer Courthouse Square at a point when 25,000 infidels had gathered there during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The video, captured in a dorm room, is very telling.

This is clearly an American Muslim, steeped in American culture, who wants to destroy America. And the motive? Islam.

In the video, Mohamud says: “You know what the whole West thing is? They want to insult our religion. They want to take our lands. They want to rape our women while we’re bowing down to them. This is what they want. This country and Europe and all those countries, that’s all they want.”

Mohamud also shows his violent streak, saying of someone unknown: “If I met him, I would get five, six Muslims, beat the (expletive) out of him.” Why? Because apparently this person insulted Muhammad the Islamic prophet. Mohamud goes on: “That’s something I have zero tolerance for. When it comes to our prophet, nobody can say anything. They’re calling it freedom of speech. It’s not freedom of speech.”

Look at the bigger picture here. Mohamed Osman Mohamud acts in this video like any other nineteen-year-old in America today. He walks the American walk. He talks the American talk. He could be any American young man in any American town. He is the personification of assimilation, yes? And yet what is he talking? Jihad. What is he trashing? The West.

This is a very important video, a very important point. America pins all her hopes on assimilation, and crows that Muslims in the U.S. assimilate better here than anywhere else in the world. We pop with pride that we won’t suffer the same fate as Europe, because we don’t have Muslim enclaves or no-go zones, as do an increasing number of European cities.

But this video blows that theory right up. No pun intended.

Meanwhile, the would-be bomber’s mosque, which almost immediately claimed that arson had destroyed records in their office, should be questioned. The media propagandists and apologists for Islam are using this arson claim to make the story of Mohamud’s attempted jihad bombing in Portland all about the fictional “backlash” that the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) always claims after jihad plots in the U.S. They’re whitewashing the fact that hundreds of Christians would have been massacred in this WMD attack.

But as for the mosque arson, color me skeptical. We have seen this time after time. It is an Islamic pattern to vandalize, set fire to and/or graffiti their own mosques in order to fabricate a “backlash” narrative while advancing Islamic “supremacy” on the backs of the kuffar, using the media shield as a human shield. Muslims vandalized their own mosque in Dayton, Ohio, in 2008, and last July a Muslim was arrested in the case of an “Islamophobic” arson attack against his own mosque in Marietta, Georgia. And meanwhile, the perpetrators of the vandalism of the controversial mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee are still…at large. Hm.

The fire in the mosque in Portland was contained to one room only, burning the Islamic Center’s office. Reports said that the worship areas, which one would expect an “Islamophobe” to target, were left completely untouched. That, too, is consistent with the pattern of faked crimes. No real damage is ever done.

If this really was an act of revenge or backlash, I fiercely condemn it. Until we know, I am not buying.

The arson attack against the Portland mosque was, in my opinion, an attempt to deflect attention away from the blame that the mosque deserves for giving the world Mohamed Mohamud. Who is putting these ideas into the heads of young Muslims? Where is this anti-West, genocidal ideology coming from?

There have been over 16,000 Islamic jihad attacks around the world since 9/11. Every Islamic attack has the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric. This is the heart of the problem. The mosques must be monitored.

And American authorities need to stop putting all their hopes on the “assimilation” of young Muslims like Mohamed Osman Mohamud. To keep on doing so is just to play games with the safety of Americans, like the ones who gathered for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony that this barbarian targeted.