De Facto Americans


The House of Representatives has approved the DREAM Act, an illegal-alien amnesty bill Democrats have been hoping to push through the lame-duck Congress.  Fox News reports the vote was 216 to 198.  The Democrats still control the House in this final session of the 111th Congress, and were able to prevent any amendments from being offered to the bill.

Speaking in favor of passage, Democrat Representative Jared Polis (D-CO) referred to its intended beneficiaries as “de facto Americans,” an exciting new term for illegal aliens.  Millions of illegal aliens will be granted automatic ten-year visas if the bill passes the Senate, even if they don’t meet the extremely lax requirements for the “pathway to citizenship” it presents, so Rep. Polis’ term is actually quite accurate. 

The concept of legal versus illegal immigration will be fundamentally erased if the DREAM Act passes.  The “path to citizenship” involves illegals getting their children through a high school funded by the American taxpayer, enrolling them in a college where they will enjoy in-state tuition rates (subsidized by the foolish American citizens who pay out-of-state rates to send their children to the same universities) and merely have to complete two years of a degree program within five years.  At this point the student becomes a legal citizen, and can “back door” his or her parents into the system with green cards. 

This is a far easier process than the years of paperwork required for legal immigration.  It takes the decision about how many immigrants to allow each year out of the hands of voters and representatives, and makes it entirely dependent on who completes the very easy DREAM obstacle course.  It’s only supposed to apply to illegals present in the country when the DREAM Act is passed, but of course the next DREAM act for the next wave of illegal aliens will be right around the corner, if they’re not able to simply crawl under the blanket of the first one with lawsuits.  Who wants to bet the concept of “de facto Americans” will eternally be applied to only those illegals residing in the country in December 2010?

It has been estimated that DREAM Act compliance could cost upward of $20 billion dollars.  The only thing standing between the American taxpayer and this immense new fiscal burden is the Republican minority in the Senate, which will take up deliberations tomorrow.  If you don’t feel like spending twenty billion dollars to reward people who ignored American law, by turning them into certified dependents of our bankrupt maternal government, this would be a good time to let the Senate know how you feel.