The Pretenders

The Left is determined to engage the world not as it is but as they would like it to be. Conservatives can be just as idealistic as liberals. But some liberals go beyond mere idealism. They are utopians and pretenders. 
When their influence is weak, the liberal pretenders are merely annoying or comical. But when liberal elites are in control of our most important institutions, their games become dangerous.
The Pretenders in charge of the Transportation Security Administration are the ones you can thank for the full-body frisk you received during your Thanksgiving weekend travels. They’re the ones who pretend that a grandmother in a wheelchair or a toddler in a stroller poses the same potential threat to passengers and airport security as, say, a Middle Eastern man in Muslim garb with a one-way ticket paid for in cash.
The Pretenders are the ones pretending that the Pope’s recent comments about condoms represent something new in Catholic teaching. In his new book, Light of the World, Pope Benedict XVI states that the use of condoms by homosexuals may sometimes “be the first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility.…”
That statement signals no change in Catholic teaching. But with sudden reverence for the Pope’s views, the mainstream media are touting it as, in the words of The New York Times, “a milestone.”
To liberals, condoms are a panacea for everything from high abortion rates, kids produced by the unmarried, and global poverty, to the spread of HIV and AIDS. The Pretenders ignore the available research, which clearly shows that abstinence outside marriage and fidelity in it are the only ways to solve these difficult sexual problems, a point the Pope has made repeatedly.
Then there’s the Pretender-in-Chief. President Obama preaches about a nuclear-free world. But it’s difficult to see how we get any closer to realizing that goal by signing a new nuclear arms-control treaty with Russia, an ally, while doing little to deter a nuclear Iran.
Obama only pretends to be committed to the war in Afghanistan. He has called Afghanistan “the necessary war.” In a speech last year, he said “I have decided that it is in our vital national interest to send 30,000 us troops to Afghanistan.” But he didn’t mean what he said, as was made clear when in the same speech he signaled that he’d begin withdrawing U.S. troops by July 2011.
The Obama administration’s policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is based on pretending that lasting peace hinges on whether houses for Jews are being built in East Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria. Obama pretends that this relatively insignificant issue is crucial, while the real obstacles to peace, including the Palestinians’ unwillingness to acknowledge Israel as a Jewish State, are minor.
At the United Nations, the Obama administration pretends that basic human rights and freedoms are as imperiled in the United States as they are in other U.N.-member states such as Iran, Cuba, Pakistan, and China.
In a recent report to the U.N. Security Council, the Obama administration listed America’s alleged discrimination against homosexuals and racial minorities, its purported unequal pay for women, and the supposedly xenophobic new Arizona immigration law as human rights violations that need to be reformed in order for America to become “a more perfect union.”
The Left’s pretending knows no limits. It pretends that abortion is “health care” instead of a deadly procedure. It pretends that a child who recites a prayer in school poses a threat to our constitutional democracy, and that if America were only to tax its wealthiest five percent even more heavily, our fiscal house would be in order. This last belief ignores the fact that these are the people we need most for investments, in order to generate the “jobs, jobs, jobs” that this administration keeps telling us that it is focused on creating.

Liberal journalists write stories pretending that Bristol Palin’s appearances on Dancing with the Stars will hurt her mom’s chances of capturing the GOP nomination for President. Meanwhile, they pretend that Obama’s nonstop engagement with popular culture (with appearances on Leno, Oprah, The View, Jon Stewart, etc.) somehow bolsters the office of the presidency.
The Pretenders believe that the “shellacking” they took in the 2010 elections was the result not of the Democrats’ out-of-control spending and big-government agenda, but rather of a nebulous “anti-incumbency” sentiment. Let’s hope that the Pretenders continue pretending a little while longer—at least until November 2012.