The Illusion of Safety and the Illustration of Political Correctness

The implementation of the new TSA passenger screening policy is indicative of just how politically correct and moronic our society is becoming.

When Americans fly, we can now choose between being photographed in the nude and being fondled. Yet since 9/11, America has been attacked in the air only by radical Muslim males.  Therefore, Homeland Security has concluded that we should search 80-year-old grandma’s bra lines.

What kind of country are we becoming when our citizens are forced to endure such invasive searches without due process in an effort to appease the very group of people who are seeking to destroy our country?

Instead of calling out the real threat, Islamic radicalism, American policy is turning to the politically correct and untrue assumption that everyone is a suspected terrorist.  Of course, it is not unusual to find enactments of political correctness accompanied by untruths.

It is slowly becoming evident that this administration is more concerned with presenting an illusion of equality and fairness than it is with the safety of the American public. Unfortunately, the logic in this policy is lacking. Americans know that Muslim men attacked us on 9/11, the underwear bomber was a radical Muslim man, the army base shooter was a radical Muslim, and there have been numerous attempts by radical Muslim men since 9/11 to harm Americans.

So while terrorists visit the State Department, America gives access to our court system to suspected terrorists, CAIR gains influence with Democratic law makers, and mosques are built next to the 9/11 World Trade Center, Americans once again fall victim to the terrorists at the hands of our own government. Even worse is that our government is refusing to call a spade a spade.

Young white men are statistically more likely to be serial killers than Eskimo women between the ages of 60 and 72. Yet why are law enforcement officials refusing to investigate these women each time a serial killer is suspected? The answer is obvious, and the strategies surrounding profiling help to catch these brutal killers.

Americans know that the problem isn’t hijacking, the government knows, and the government knows that Americans know. The problem of terrorist threats consists of radical Muslim men.
The sooner our government wakes up and recognizes the problem that everyone knows exists, the sooner America will emerge safer and stronger.

Even if you disagree with profiling, when Americans are forced to be viewed naked or searched in the most intimate of places when there is a viable, more practical, and more effective way of using resources and ensuring safety, forcing honest Americans selected at random to invasive searches is absurd.

But take comfort, America. Children under the age of 12 are not subject to the search. Radical Muslim men can now bring their children with them, arm them with explosives, and blow us up anyway.