If Only Obama Would Say

Have you ever sat on your living room sofa watching an Obama press conference or television interview, hoping for him to say something that would make you leap up with a big smile and applaud? I certainly have. That’s right, a girl can dream.

On that note, I bring you my “Top Ten Things I Wish Obama Would Say … But Don’t Hold Your Breath”:

1.    It’s not Bush’s fault. I’ve been your President for almost two years. If you want to be angry at someone, I’m your man. 

2.    I was wrong. I took your money, billions of dollars of it. And you don’t have the jobs to show for it. Nothing was shovel-ready, and unemployment is well over 8%. My approach didn’t work, and I’m changing course to make things right.

3.    They’re not isolated extremists or man-caused disasters. They’re violent, lethal terrorists who want to kill Americans and destroy everything we stand for. When it comes to defeating terrorism, all options are on the table.

4.    America is exceptional in a way that no other country is. We have proudly been the leader in protecting liberty around the world, and I’m honored to be Commander-in-Chief of this “one nation under God.”

5.    It’s time to repeal and replace. It’s clear that Americans want health care reform. It’s also clear that you don’t want the law we’ve built. I respect the will of the people, and I’m ready to go back to the drawing board.

6.    Throwing the word ‘racist’ around is irresponsible. It’s a serious word with serious implications that should be reserved for legitimate cases. Media, that doesn’t include labeling everyone who disagrees with me a racist.

7.    People have been taxed enough already. That includes joint filers earning $250,000 or more a year. It also includes individuals earning $200,000 or more a year, some of whom likely worked many eighteen-hour days making practically nothing to get where they are today. It’s time to put your money back in your hands. That’s why I’m extending the Bush tax cuts for everyone.

8.    There’s nothing unclear about the word ‘illegal.’ To condone illegal immigration is to condone breaking the law. I stand with Governor Brewer.

9.    Peace through strength is the only answer. The world is a safer place when America is strong. It is my number-one priority to keep her that way.

10.    The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. It’s time for the federal government to take a step back, perform the jobs it is constitutionally meant to do, and get the heck out of your way.

I warned you not to hold your breath. I guess I still have that fantasy in which Ronald Reagan leans down from heaven and whispers some much-needed advice into our President’s ear.

And then I wake up. Usually to the sound of Obama apologizing for America. Or justifying a policy that has been a blatant failure. Or golfing.

Lesson: You can’t always change the man or woman. You can’t make him or her embody the values and priorities you feel are integral to the security and prosperity of our country.

But you can support someone in 2012 who does.

Food for thought as we move forward: For whom would President Reagan vote?