Audio: AreaPark51

FRX has discovered that what’s going on inside the Ground Zero Mosque has more in common with an episode of “Fringe” or “The X-Files” than just a mere episode of “24.”  The public thinks it’s abandoned; it isn’t.  And the phenomenon taking place at 51 Park Place is both unexplained and ghastly.  A grand conspiracy is unraveling that goes way beyond the simple exploits of a few Islamic radicals.  Are foreign governments involved?  Or transnational corporations?  What about our own government?  FDA?  DHS?  Dennis Kucinich?  Who pulls the strings…and which puppet is the most dangerous?  FRX is on the case, and not just to stop a plot put in place by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, but with greater urgency…because the sand in the hourglass is running out fast.  And if you click the player, you’ll be the first to find out why:

08-30-10 AreaPark51 by HumanEvents