They Cheered My Yarmulke at Beck's Rally

An uplifting and beautiful thing happened Saturday as I was escorted through the hundreds of thousands lining the Reflecting Pool on my way to the reserved seats for those who would be standing with Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin at the Finale of the “Restore Honor” rally.
The crowd cheered and applauded my Yarmulke. They yelled out: “Shalom. Shabbat Shalom. We love Israel. Thank you for coming.”

They weren’t cheering me per se, but, as represented by my yarmulke and rabbinic disposition, the Jewish People and Biblical Judaism. The affection and warmth of the crowd was palpable and undeniable.

The bigotry that the media and New York City elites speak about is nothing but a concoction, manufactured in their own parochial minds, reflecting an ever-increasing darkness in their hearts that feels more sympatico with Islam than Christian America.

The same enthusiasm and special salutations greeted me throughout the streets on my way back to my hotel: Shalom! As I told Michael Savage in an interview: “The people who attended want nothing but to love, honor and identify with America. They ask nothing from America; rather delight in giving to her, offering even their children in the military so as to defend us. They identify with the Judeo-Christian ethos and, as do I, define America in those terms. They see their country being taken from them by an elitist corps intent on stripping it of its historic character, transforming us into a placid, non-distinct Europe, and consigning us and our values to second-class status, replacing nationalism with transnationalism.”

There exists today very little bigotry among America’s mainstream, precisely because as good-willed, religious Christians, regular Americans have over the last half century worked hard to overcome unfounded prejudices now considered unreligious-like.
In contrast, such introspection and change has been absent among men such as Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and their followers, who, by virtue of their perpetual self-proclaimed victimhood, see everything through the prism of race and harbor an antipathy to things “white”.

Similarly, many white liberals have not shed their bigotry toward conservative Christians. They have not undergone the necessary introspection due to their self-identification as being morally superior and their sense of self-righteousness born of espousing leftist and Socialist policies that, in their mind, renders them automatically better than the rest of us.

Liberal bigotry against conservative Christians and middle-class America has grown and metastasized over the years. I’ve witnessed it personally in the salons of New York’s Upper East and West Sides.
It began with a feeling of being “smarter” than the average American—more educated and more “sophisticated.” As their politics slanted more leftward, they imbibed a sense of moral superiority over the rest of us. As they grew wealthier and expanded their boundaries of pleasure-seeking, they undertook a culture war against those who could not countenance and give blessing to such behaviors, often hedonistic. After all, it was they who were entitled to look down upon others, but never to be judged by those same others.

Liberalism today has nothing to do with compassion, but is animated by a sneer and mockery of almost everything American. While they live in America, they belittle most Americans and despise, contemptuously, the values most Americans cherish and live by. Obama’s liberalism, and those who support him, is post-Americanism, a transnationalism, one embarrassed by America, bordering on anti-Americanism.

Thus, whenever an issue arises, their reflexive reaction is to take a position opposite that of the average “non-educated” American. Their first response is to label Americans as racist or bigots—because they believe it and because, up until now, such accusations have silenced mainstream America. Worse, they use every opportunity, no matter how far-fetched, to reaffirm their favorite template about America and Americans: racism and bigotry.

By calling us bigots, they hope to marginalize and demoralize us, and delegitimize our views. If we continue to accept their indictment we are suckers.

Those who oppose national health control out of a fear of rationing and reduced quality care are labeled bigots. Those who fear the entry of terrorists into our open southwestern borders are bigots. In today’s liberal vocabulary, protection of one’s life and property is bigotry. Even fearing a Ground Zero mosque sponsoring sharia indoctrination and possibly funded by Wahabi jihadists is labeled “bigotry.”

The divide today in America is no longer between white and black or Christian and Jew. The divide revolves around politics and patriotism. I, as with many of my peers, feel a greater kinship with patriotic, conservative Christians than a “citizen of the world,” left-wing person of my own background.

As the applause and cheering of my Yarmulke proves, Americans no longer should be cowed by liberal accusations of bigotry and intolerance. That era is over. The ones that need introspection and humbling are the white liberal elitists in our midst and those coming here from Middle Eastern countries demanding that sharia law amend or replace our laws and historic American way of life. We no longer have to prove ourselves to them. It is high time that they began proving themselves to us.