Ruling Class vs. the People

Unemployment is hovering around 9.6%, our national debt is over $13 trillion, one-in-six Americans are receiving some type of government help, and Barack Obama just wrapped his sixth vacation in less than two years as President.

It was a waterfront vacation in Martha’s Vineyard that cost around $50,000 for the rental property alone. (This doesn’t count the cost of staff, of Secret Service protection, or the transport and fuel for the 20-vehicle caravan that traveled with the President all over the island.)

If a sixth vacation of this magnitude seems a bit pretentious to you, you’re not alone. Even David Letterman, the decidedly liberal host of the “Late Night Show,” thought the trip so ostentatious at a time like this that he said: “[Obama will] have plenty of time for vacations after his one term is up.”

Letterman is right on the mark here. With AP polls showing that 56% of voters disapprove of the way Obama has handled the economy, he’s courting political disaster by continuing his smug trek from beach house to golf course to beach house again, during a summer when many Americans didn’t even get one vacation. (Nor is Obama’s image helped by the fact that he has played more rounds of golf in less than two years than President George W. Bush did in two whole terms.)

But this is a teachable moment: For we have to understand that “hope and change” was every bit the façade that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin warned us it would be. Obama doesn’t care about the plight of the average Joe anymore than he cared about the plight of the now-famous “Joe the Plumber.”

This is because Obama is part of the ruling class. As such, he is literally against the people. And his wife is right there with him (she may actually be more smug than he).

Who, but the wife of a member of the ruling class, could take a $375,000 European vacation at time when the American people suffer as they now do? Moreover, who but the haughtiest of ruling class members could do so knowing that the American taxpayer was going to be stuck holding tab?

I’m aware that the Obama has tried to lessen the criticism hurled at Mrs. Obama by announcing that she would pay for all “personal expenses” out of pocket, but, as with Martha’s Vineyard, that doesn’t include the cost of staff, Secret Service, etc. In fact, estimates place the cost of simply flying Michelle and her entourage to Spain and back at $178,000, and that’s $178,000 which taxpayers are going to pay.

There’s always been a strong hint of entitlement swirling around Mr. and Mrs. Obama. Now that the media has crammed picture after picture of the first family’s sixth vacation down our throats, the hint is so strong as to become repugnant.

We the people have been duped. There is no hope and change. There is only the growing feeling of a Carter-like malaise that threatens to overtake the American people even as “Obama the most merciful” plans his seventh vacation.