Study Finds No Liberal Bias in Classroom

Young America’s Foundation (YAF) receives complaints every year from students about liberal bias on their campuses and in their classrooms. Now there is news that science has proven that there is no such bias.

YAF got a hold of a “scientific” study conducted by the Department of Sociology at the University of California, San Diego. The title of the study is, “Conservative Critics and Conservative College Students: Variations of Discourses of Exclusion.”

The “scientific” study was conducted on two anonymous college campuses, titled “Eastern” and “Western” in the report, where 70 anonymous students were asked mystery questions. The results? Conservatives on campus are not stifled at all, and they are actually quite happy.

The study says: “Though being a campus conservative is often isolating, nearly all interviewees found the experience enriching. Some respondents even contended that this experience gave them a competitive advantage over their liberal classmates.” Isn’t that great? Yes, conservatives are “isolated” on campus, but it makes them better people.

The study even reassures us that conservatives are not punished with lower grades: “[the interviewees] are adamant that they have never been penalized for their political views through lower grades.” The 70 mystery conservative students on the two mystery college campuses have never received a low grade for being conservative? That’s great news!

And all of that hullabaloo about liberal professors being biased? The study offhandedly dismisses that entirely: “Like their esteemed professors, Eastern students seek to separate their ‘professional’ lives as students from their ‘personal’ experiences of political engagement.” Well, that should be a load off everyone’s mind. Professors keep their ideology out of the classroom. 

The study does admit that some conservatives may be uncomfortable in some classes: “The university’s registration policy enables undergraduates to ‘try out’ various courses before they commit to them, allowing conservative students to more easily avoid classes or professors who they might find distasteful.” So, if a conservative student imagines some bias that clearly does exist, they can drop the class and continue “trying out” others. How convenient!

The study even makes a point to completely dismiss Young America’s Foundation’s goal of ensuring conservative ideas have a place on college campuses by saying, “Students even make it a point to explicitly express their disdain for charges put forward by national critics’ organizations like the Young America’s Foundation, which excoriate faculty as propagandists.” Apparently the 70 mystery students from the two mystery colleges do not like YAF very much. I wish I knew their names, or what college they went to so I could send my regrets.

Enough with the sarcasm—this “scientific study” is yet another hit piece coming out of the liberal indoctrination machine. When faced with criticism, liberal ideologues, rather than try and solve the problem of liberal bias on campus, chose to fund a bogus study. Typical.

We know from the global warming debate that liberals do not like the peer review process. Perhaps that is why these sociologists kept everything except the study’s findings completely secret. They did not include the questions that were asked of these 70 mystery students, nor did they cite any dissenting opinion. This is the junkiest of junk science.

Students going back to school, be warned: There are those who are trying to silence you by any means necessary. This unreleased scientific “study” is just the most recent attempt. When you are graded poorly because of your conservative views, or publicly mocked by your liberal professors, have it documented, because apparently, some people simply do not believe it is happening. Prove them wrong.