Obama Job Claims Undercut by Report

Rep. David Camp (R.-Mich.) revealed Friday that, based on Department of Labor data, 48 of 50 states have lost jobs despite the administration’s prediction that the 2009 stimulus would save or create over 3 million jobs.

The chart released by the GOP ranking member on the Ways and Means Committee puts the actual change in jobs as of July 2010 next to what the administration predicted it would be through December 2010. The administration’s prediction includes jobs “saved” or created, while the GOP numbers look specifically at jobs created.

California was predicted to have the largest increase in jobs: 396,000. However, the Ways and Means research shows them at -526,000 as of July. The next hardest-hit state is Illinois: the administration promised they would get 148,000 jobs, but they’ve actually lost 171,100.

The two states where jobs have increased are Alaska and North Dakota. Both states have Republican governors. Washington, D.C., has also seen twice the number of jobs the administration predicted, as Camp pointed out Sunday in an interview with Fox News.