Muckraker Miller: Ben Quayle Caught in Raunchy Web Flap

Ben Quayle, son of former Vice President Dan Quayle and candidate for congress, admitted that he was a contributor to the raunchy gossip website

The site’s founder Nik Richie alleges that Quayle was a co-creator in 2007 and wrote about hot girls on the nightclub scene under the alias “Brock Landers.” Quayle denies both of these allegations.

Quayle is one of ten Republican candidates vying in the August 24 GOP primary to replace retiring John Shadegg in Arizona’s 3rd District.

Who is Brock from the Dirty Celeb Brock’s Chick?” Richie posted as an “exclusive” on Monday. “I have kept it a secret until right now… the mystery man is Ben Quayle aka Brock Landers, the son of Vice President Dan Quayle.”

Brock Landers is the porn-star character played by Mark Wahlberg in the movie Boogie Nights.

“I’m not Brock Landers,” Quayle told KTAR-3TV.

“He is 100% lying,” Richie fired back. “He’s the one who came up with ‘Brock Landers.’ I didn’t even know what that name is.”

“I sent him on a mission to find the hottest chick in Scottsdale and he succeeded,” said Richie referring to the discovery of the sexy girl, deemed “Brock’s Chick,” in the post by Brock Landers.

“I did get the hottest girl, my wife, and I just got married in April,” Quayle responded, referring to his wife Tiffany Crane Quayle.  

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Also, Richie claims that Quayle was one of the “original creators of, which evolved into”

“The assertion that I was a ‘creator”’ of this website is false,” Quayle said in a statement released by his campaign. “My only involvement in its creation was to recommend an intellectual property lawyer to its founder.”

Quayle backpedaled the next day, admitting he did contribute to the website.

“I just posted some comments to — you know — to try to help drive some traffic.” Quayle told Arizona’s 12 News. “That’s it.”

“When kind of comments?” the reporter asked.

“This was four years ago,” Quayle responded, throwing his hands in the air. “This is hilarious that this is being brought up.”

In an apparent attempt to distract the media from coverage of his connection to TheDirty, Quayle’s congressional campaign put out a controversial bold TV ad.

“Barack Obama is the worst President in history,” Quayle says in a close-up in the opening of the 30-second ad. He ends by standing up and saying to the camera: “Somebody has to go to Washington and knock the hell out of the place.”

Quayle’s campaign suggested that Richie’s attack was coordinated by another GOP contender, Mayor Vernon Parker.

“The story is simply another smear of the sort that has been trafficked by several of the candidates in this campaign for months,” read the Quayle campaign statement.

“One frequent source of such smears and the apparent source of this one is self-proclaimed “former pastor” Vernon Parker’s consultant Jason Rose, who unlike Ben Quayle does have a relationship with the founder of the website and has called the website ‘the best media idea of all time,’” the statement said.

Three days before TheDirty post, Rose, a media consultant for Parker, tweeted: “National, and some local, media continue to pound deceptive phony “family” mailer from ben quayle. And there’s another big one coming.” He then tweeted: “Boom about to be lowered on fraud that is ben quayle. And not by vernon parker. Or a media outlet. Although they should.”

Richie denied being part of a political attack. “I have zero ties with any of Ben Quayle’s opponents,” he posted. He tweeted that he “did not attend any events for Vernon Parker nor contributed a cent to him. Never met him.”

However, Quayle insists these attacks on his character are politically motivated. “This is a smear on me from a smear website being pushed by a smear campaign,” he told Arizona’s 12 News.

Just last week, Parker attacked Quayle for insinuating he has children in campaign flyers, calling it “renting a family.” The flyer is a photo of Quayle with two young girls and the message: “Tiffany and I live in this district and we are going to raise our family here.”

In another twist, the response to “renting a family” accusations came from Quayle’s campaign spokesperson Megan Rose, who is Jason Rose’s sister-in-law. She said that the girls in the photo are Quayle’s nieces, and the campaign staff jokingly called the issue “niece gate.”

Ritchie continues to attack Quayle on TheDirty and Twitter. He seems to be threatening to expose more embarrassing details:

• Just be honest bro @bquayle. Ben Quayle is Brock Landers. Remember when you said to use a picture of Magnum PI as your profile?

• Wow, if he is denying that he is Brock or any association then he better be ready for a sh*t storm. Ben this better not be true.

• Send me more intel on Mr. Quayle and his sexcapades. We had very similar taste in women… Let’s keep it ROLLING!

•If you don’t remember me or Brock Landers that is cool. I guess I don’t remember the time you banged Tim-Marie (a chick) in my spare bedroom.

• FYI- We met in Tahoe at a CBS celebrity golf tournament where we partied until 6 AM. How could you forget the crazy hooker?

The Dirty’s founder Nik Richie is married to Shayne Lamas, the actress daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and granddaughter of Fernando Lamas. The couple met in Las Vegas in April and got married 24 hours later.

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Lamas is best known for winning ABC’s reality TV show, “The Bachelor” in 2008. The bachelor Matt Grant proposed to Lamas on the finale, but the engagement lasted only one month.

Richie, whose real name is Hooman Abedi Karamian, took his wife’s name, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. In July, he applied to change his name to Nik Richie-Lamas citing the reasons as: “I can’t even pronounce it, people ask me if I’m related to the Kardashian’s [sic] which is tacky, and marriage to my wife Shayne Dahl Lamas. I go by Nik Richie.”

Despite his aggressive attacks on Quayle, Richie-Lamas posted that “Ben is a good guy and I would vote for him.”

But the congressional candidate does not want Richie’s vote. “I just don’t like people who put out falsehoods, that’s it,” said Quayle.