Joe Miller: The Real Conservative Deal

“I’m not a politician. I’m a concerned citizen,” said Joe Miller, Alaska’s GOP senatorial candidate, in an interview with HUMAN EVENTS. “I believe our nation is at a crossroads, and business as usual will no longer work.”

Miller, who is challenging Republican Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, defines himself as “a limited-government constitutionalist.”

“We must reverse the growth of the federal government and restore liberty and opportunity to the American people,” he said. “It means getting the federal government to live within its means and within its enumerated powers.”

Miller is unequivocally pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment. He’s a life member and benefactor of the NRA, supports the repeal of Obamacare, and opposes cap and trade and amnesty for illegal aliens. He also supports pro-growth tax reform and cutting corporate taxes.

Miller’s bio is impressive. He graduated with honors from West Point, earned a master’s degree in economics from the University of Alaska and a law degree from Yale, served in the U.S. Army, and was appointed as a state magistrate and a Superior Court master for the 4th Judicial District at the young age of 30. He also owns a successful law practice and has served as an acting State District Court judge and a U.S. magistrate judge in Fairbanks. In 2004, he came close to a win in the race for state representative, but lost to the Democrat incumbent.

Despite his striking resume, Miller possesses an everyman quality. His priority isn’t where he’s been, but where he’d like to help this country go. 

Miller grew up in Kansas, but moved to Alaska in 1994 due to his love of the great outdoors. “Alaska is a state rich in natural beauty and natural resources,” he said. “There is a spirit of adventure here. I’ve been able to live in its most populous city, Anchorage, out in the bush (as we call it) in Tok, and now in Fairbanks.”

Miller has been endorsed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, the president of Alaska Right to Life, Tea Party Express, Lars Larson, Erick Erickson, the chairman of, and many more.

When asked what motivated him to run against incumbent Sen. Murkowski, Miller responded: “Are we going to keep faith with the Founders and defend our constitutional republic, or will we continue our headlong plunge into socialism and more government control? We already know what is at the end of that road—the decline of the dollar, further constriction of our economy, sustained high unemployment, crippling government regulations, and a deeper dependency on hostile foreign powers. I’m running to help turn that around, to stand up for individual freedoms, and to stand up for Alaska.”

Here is a segment from the exclusive interview:

HUMAN EVENTS: What are your priority issues for Alaska?

JOE MILLER: The main issues for Alaskans, like all Americans, are getting the economy moving again and the nation’s debt crisis. Beyond those issues, the development of Alaska’s rich natural resources is key. The federal government has title over almost two-thirds of the state—including, of course, ANWR. Oil production has dropped precipitously during the last decade. The Trans Alaska Pipeline System is currently running at one-third capacity. Most Alaskans would like to see a portion of ANWR opened to development to help get production levels back up. The state is also rich in other minerals. The Obama Administration’s policies are hostile to these extractive industries, even if done in environmentally sensitive ways. Alaska needs more control over its own land and resources, so it can break away from being overly dependent on federal dollars coming into the state.

HE: What do you consider to be the most significant differences between you and Sen. Murkowski?

MILLER: Sen. Murkowski and I differ significantly. She is a statist; I’m not. She doesn’t want to return the country to constitutionally limited government; I do. She refused to vote to repeal Obamacare; I would. She voted for amnesty; I wouldn’t. I’m pro-life; she’s not. She wants to implement some form of cap and trade; I wouldn’t. She voted for the second Obama stimulus bill this past March; I wouldn’t do that. It really is a positional difference with respect to what we expect out of government. I think the Constitution is there as a limiting document. That’s why it was ratified—to limit government, to ensure that our God-given rights are preserved. That is not her answer. She sees government as the answer to virtually everything that comes before our nation. And that is shown in her voting record. It is clearly a choice between a conservative, and not a moderate, but really a liberal. That’s why she’s in the top four RINOs in the Senate today, because of that voting record.

HE: Why will the outcome of this election be far-reaching?

MILLER: We must reverse course as a nation. If we don’t, big government running amuck with a stagnant economy and a sovereign debt crisis will drive us into a situation worse than Greece. Nothing is big enough to bail the United States out. And those most dependent on the federal government will be devastated by such insolvency. But this does not have to be the case. If enough like-minded, limited-government leaders are elected to Congress—and trends in the lower 48 suggest that will happen—the whole tenor of that body can be changed. I plan to be a catalyst for change that will help reverse government growth and get this economy moving again. Alaska is a part of restoring the nation towards fiscal sanity. Sen. Murkowski is currently part of the go-along, same-as-usual, big-government spending going on in D.C.

Miller also spoke of Alaska’s strategic impact on the nation due to “its vast natural resources and geostrategic location.” He added, “I am committed to doing all that I can to get this nation moving again on a sustainable path. Too many people have paid too high a price to get this nation to this point in history, for us to blow it on our watch.”

Overall, Miller was optimistic about the ability of Americans to turn things around, but decisive about the need to “act now.” His love for Alaska and for founding American principles is unquestionable.

He’s the real conservative deal, folks. If you want a U.S. senator from the Last Frontier who will stand solidly by our Constitution and against the Obama agenda, you’ve found your man.

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