Keith Olbermann Has No Moral Compass

Keith Olbermann is a goon, a serial embellisher, and an attack dog for the Left. He is devoid of civility and decorum, and lacks even the restraint that most parents hope to have instilled in their children by age five. He is ruled by illogical passions (leftist ideology is, by its very nature, illogical), and apparently lacks a strong enough grasp of the differences between right and wrong to correct his course.

Perhaps comedian Nick Di Paolo put it best when he said of Olbermann: “The guy has no moral compass.”

This moral ineptitude is clear to any one who has paid attention to Olbermann’s antics on MSNBC’s “Countdown With Keith Olbermann.” That’s where he lampooned George W. Bush for playing golf while our nation was at war in Iraq and Afghanistan during 2006, but failed to criticize President Obama’s golf outings although we’re still at war in both places with oil splashing up on our shores in Louisiana and illegal immigrants waltzing across our borders in Arizona.

It was also from the set of “Countdown” during the summer of 2007 that Olbermann blamed the murder of late-term abortionist doctor George Tiller on Fox News, particularly Bill O’Reilly.  He then named pro-life nurse Jill Stanek one of the “Worst People in the World” because she blogged about the two remaining American doctors who perform an abortion on a woman for any reason, at any time during a pregnancy. (That these two doctors were shameless self-promoters was something Olbermann completely overlooked during his red-faced rant.)

He even went so far as to say that if something happened to either of the remaining doctors, Stanek could be charged in the murder because “you can be complicit in such a crime even though you have never met the man or his assassin.”

Hmmm. This led me thinking about whether Olbermann will be found “complicit in such a crime” if something were to happen to Sarah Palin? Particularly since he has dedicated a considerable portion of the last two years of his miserable life to labeling her the “Worst Person in the World” ad nauseam, attacking her “stupidity,” calling her an “idiot,” and poking fun at what he considers to be her lack of education. (While he’s bothered that Palin went to three different schools, none of which meet his approval, he never seems eager to discuss his time in what is not-so-affectionately regarded as the “agriculture wing” of Cornell.)

Is it just me or do his tactics here seem somewhat hypocritical?

And who can ever forget Olberman’s description of Sen. Scott Brown (R.-Mass.) as an “irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, tea-bagging, supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.”

I’m certain that if a conservative described any liberal with such venom, Olbermann wouldn’t hesitate to wag his finger, get red in the face, and give his “complicit in…crime” talk again. But since Olbermann’s doing it to a Republican instead of the other way around, all is well.

No wonder former President George H.W. Bush once referred to Olbermann as a “sick puppy.”

The good news in all this is that Olbermann’s ratings aren’t exactly sky rocketing. As a matter of fact, the Baltimore Sun recently reported that Olbermann’s “ratings only look good if you compare them to CNN’s as opposed to those of the hosts on Fox who bury him.” He’s so far behind O’Reilly in ratings that Floyd Brown and Mary Beth Brown of Citizens United believe he “may need to go back to sports.”

Di Paolo was right: Olbermann has no moral compass. He’s a “sick puppy” with less self-control than Mel Gibson.