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The Obama Facebook Contest Winners Are In!

On July 19, 2010 we ran a contest asking our Guns & Patriots Facebook fans to respond to this question:

I can honestly say, that Barack Obama is very good at…

The best answer wins a copy of the Tom Woods book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century.

There were 536 comments entered. The answers were too good to limit to one winner so we picked ten.

Here are the judges top ten answers:

I can honestly say, that Barack Obama is very good at…

10. making the word  “change” (a normally natural process in nature and life) a dirty word with a whole new definition than even Webster could not have fathomed!  –Ctrygirl Lake

9. keeping Jimmy Carter from being the absolute worst president of all time…and I thought that would be impossible. –Danny Warren

8. shooting blank promises. –Larry Wisuri

7. being transparent. I can see right through his lies. –Paul Rodriguez

6.  selling guns and ammo.  Best thing that ever happened to the firearms industry. –Carl Couch

5. community organizing. –Lynn D. Edmonds

4. running for office. Not holding one. Just running. –Gary Hall

3. taking your freedoms away with your knowledge. –Joey Myers

2. winning the Nobel Prize for nothing, so that’s proof he’s the best in the world at accomplishing nothing. –Scott Oliver

And the number 1 answer to I can honestly say, that Barack Obama is very good at

1. robotic speaking with strange pauses…and interrupting my favorite shows. –Gina McCarley

Written By

Mike Piccione is founding editor of Guns & Patriots and is now an executive at U.S. Concealed Carry. A long time shooter, hunter and writer, Piccione is a Marine veteran, a NRA Marketing Manager and a member of the Fairfax County, VA, Community Emergency Response Team.

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