Obama's War Against the (Red) States

When Gov. Jan Brewer signed Arizona’s now famous immigration bill into law on April 23, it was immediately evident that she had crossed a line that President Obama didn’t want her to cross. Thus his administration quickly reviewed lessons learned from years in the Chicago political machine and began using PR tactics to shame Brewer into a retraction.

But when the PR stunts failed and the nation overwhelming agreed that Arizonans were right to secure their borders, Obama stepped it up and had his Justice Department craft the lawsuit filed against the Arizona law earlier this month.

Ostensibly, the purpose behind the lawsuit is to have the Arizona law judged unconstitutional before it can be implemented on July 29.  But actually, the suit is just one more salvo Obama is firing in his de facto war against the (red) states.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the way other salvos in this war have been launched against Louisiana and Mississippi via the federal government’s lackadaisical response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf?  If so, you know that just as Obama’s lawsuit against Arizona, if successful, will render that state defenseless against the illegal immigrants who have taken it hostage, so too his tactics against the Gulf States have resulted in a complete denial of the very tools they need to defend their own shores.

It’s literally like watching a newly elected high school class president trade his presidential duties for the immature satisfaction of seeking revenge on the students who didn’t vote for him.

Think about it: While Louisiana’s Gov. Bobby Jindal was literally begging for permission to construct protective sand barriers off the Louisiana coast, Obama was not only refusing his requests but also refusing to utilize the myriad of federal resources which are at a President’s disposal.

To add insult to injury, while oil from the spill was taking down beach after beach on the Gulf’s shores, Obama was taking mulligan after mulligan on a golf course.

As I’ve watched the President’s glaring indifference toward the plight of these (red) states, I’ve been haunted by New Orleans radio host Jeff Crouere’s lucid assessment: “If this disaster had occurred off the coast of New York or California or any blue state, there is little doubt that President Obama would have been more proactive.”

There’s scant hard evidence to diminish the fear that Obama is dishing out some payback here, while simultaneously demonstrating his willingness to sacrifice Arizona in exchange for an untold number of new Democrat voters (in the form of illegal immigrants).

Yet ultimately, neither the ramifications of illegal immigration nor the thousands upon thousands of gallons of oil floating in the Gulf matter one bit to Obama. All that matters is that every knee bow, and even the tongues of Southern dialect confess, that Obama is indeed “the most merciful.” (Rush Limbaugh)