New Black Panther Party Turns to Music Videos to Spread Its Message!

Music is a powerful medium. As a result of Barry White’s melodies, for instance, many babies have been made. Also, through songs we’ve been educated in such things that have escaped our notice (like “every rose has its thorn”). In addition, by the means of music we’ve even learned that Sir Elton John is a “Rocket Man”—whatever that means. 

It seems as if King Samir Shabazz, unable to get recruits through his maniacal, murderous “kill the cracka” street rants, has turned to the tool of music to spread his ill will toward whitey. In a HUMAN EVENTS exclusive we present you with the world premier of King Samir Shabazz’s new music video, “Shabazz, Shabazz.” Enjoy (?) and please forward to your cracka friends.

*BTW – No crackers were harmed in the making of this video.