'Enough is Enough'

Those words rang out across the Cajundome in Lafayette, La., as Democrat Lt. Gov. Scott Angelle rocketed into the spotlight in a speech at the Rally for Economic Survival yesterday — a gathering of over 11,000 people condemning the deepwater moratorium on drilling that is strangling the Gulf Coast economy.

“Enough is enough, and it’s time to quit punishing American workers to achieve some unrealistic political agenda,” Angelle said of the Obama moratorium to the roar of the crowd. 

Vladimir (Steve Maley) at sister publication introduces Angelle this way:

Angelle was the Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and the Governor’s Legislative Liaison until his recent appointment by the Governor to fill the remainder of Mitch Landrieu’s elected term. Angelle is a true Endangered Species: a conservative, pro-business, pro-life Democrat. The close relationship between Jindal and Angelle demonstrates that, for Louisiana, issues and common interests often transcend party affiliation. Scott has rolled up his sleeves and worked tirelessly as the point man to help solve regulatory and other issues with the newly-christened BOEMRE (pronounced “bummer”) and other Federal agencies.

Also giving an inspired speech at the rally was Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal who has worked tirelessly to combat the spill, BP, and the Obama administration’s boot on the neck of the Louisiana economy.  Jindal’s speech is available at the link.

For more extensive coverage of the day, go to The Hayride for Rally Recollections and a full day’s links of coverage with video from the rally site.  Publisher Scott McKay also writes of Angelle:

Lieutenant Governor Scott Angelle, who was appointed to his position after a long stint as Louisiana’s Department of Natural Resources head and whose reputation has been as something of a bureaucrat, gave a stem-winding address which had the joint jumping right from the beginning.  Angelle, who served as the master of ceremonies for the rally, landed a direct hit on the Obama administration for its seeming dependence on energy from “the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees” – an indication that he might not remain a Democrat for too much longer if he does want to embark on a political career beyond his current temporary job.

Keeping up the pressure on the House floor today Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.) hammered the “jobs moratorium” quoting Obama’s own expert engineers who not only oppose his drilling moratorium but say it would do more harm.  Cassidy also talked about the over 100,000 jobs the moratorium will cost the economy.


"A blanket moratorium is not the answer.”

“It will not measurably reduce risk.”

“It will have a lasting impact upon the nation’s economy – which may be greater than that of the oil spill.”

“We do not believe in punishing the innocent.”

“Overcome emotion with logic.”

These are the quotes from five engineers from the National Academy of Engineering who object to the President’s moratorium.  This is not a drilling moratorium.

It is a jobs moratorium.

It is an assault on those most injured by the Gulf oil spill. 

By some estimates, over 100,000 Americans – welders, pipefitters, engineers, caterers, roustabouts – will lose their jobs because of this moratorium.

Decent, hardworking Americans.

11,000 people yesterday filled the Cajun Dome in Lafayette, Louisiana to protest the jobs moratorium.

They’re begging that politics be put aside, the President listen to the scientists, and let the workers return to work supplying our nation’s energy needs.