Senate Judiciary Republicans Expose Kagan in YouTube Arsenal

Senate Republicans are offering an extensive YouTube channel chock full of choice confirmation moments and scorching floor speeches covering U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

Capt. Hegseth, an Iraq war veteran and executive director of Vets for Freedom, testified to share his concerns about Kagan’s decision to bar military recruiters from the campus recruitment office.

This Supreme Court Channel is offered up by Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans.  Sen. Jeff Sessions is the top Republican on the committee.

The channel offers video highlights of hearing questioning, testimony, floor speeches and media appearances by Senate Republicans highlighting the great effort to bring Kagan’s activist history and extreme bias–especially against the military–to light.

The body of work captured and compiled by the Senate Judiciary committee’s GOP staff exposes one of the most controversial Supreme Court nominees in history.

Kagan cleared committee on a 13-6 near-party line vote today (there are 12 Democrats and 7 Republicans on the committee), with Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.) doing his usual flip to the Democrat side on Obama’s controversial nominations.

A floor vote on Kagan is expected before the August district work period recess.  She needs 60 votes for cloture to bring her nomination to the floor for a vote.

Newest from the selection of videos, Sessions takes on Kagan’s judicial philosphy and announces his "no" vote:


Before casting a ‘no’ vote at the Judiciary Committee meeting, Sen. Sessions summarized his concerns with Elena Kagan’s nomination. Sessions said Ms. Kagan fits President Obama’s expressed desire for judges who would allow their personal and political views of "what America should be" to influence their rulings. Sessions argues that such a philosophy of judging is "the greatest threat" to the independence of the courts in our "glorious legal system," and that judges must serve "under the constitution…not above it."