Boehner 'White House threw House Democrats under the Bus'

House Republican Leader John Boehner will make comments today on the Democrats’ circular firing squad at his weekly on camera presser.  HUMAN EVENTS got an advance look at Boehner’s remarks as prepared just prior to the planned delivery this morning.

“With all the trouble Democrats are in right now, it was only a matter of time before they took off the gloves.  I just didn’t know their targets would be each other. The panic building among Democrats erupted into a full-scale civil war when the President’s spokesman suggested his party could lose the House this fall,” Boehner says in his remarks. “I understand House Democrats are angry: they see the White House throwing them under the bus.”

Boehner states House Democrats should be looking to their own actions rather than to the White House to place the blame.

 “Let’s not forget: House Democrats gave President Obama every dollar, every tax hike, every ‘stimulus’ program, and every government takeover he asked for.  The one thing the American people asked Democrats to do was say ‘no’ — and they never did,” Boehner remarks.

The White House is countering with a new initiative to rely on former President Bill Clinton and others to help get the president out of the disastrous economic sinkhole he’s dug for the American people.  Boehner says the president needs the help because he has no credibility with job creators.

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, so President Obama brought in Warren Buffett and President Clinton this week to help him communicate with the business community. It is troubling that at a time when Americans are asking ‘where are the jobs?’ the president has no credibility with the people who create them,” Boehner says.  

“After 18 months, millions more jobs lost, 9.5 percent unemployment, and trillions in new debt, it’s clear to everyone but the president that what he’s doing isn’t working.  Washington reports filled with fuzzy math won’t change the fact that the ‘stimulus’ is failing by the Obama Administration’s own standards. You can barely get more than one in 10 Americans to say that the ‘stimulus’ has helped them,” Boehner adds.

Ouch.  That left a mark.

It’s getting pretty crowded under President Obama’s bus.