Good Muslim, Bad Muslim

The counterinsurgency strategy being implemented by the United States in Afghanistan is based on building trust and making friends of local Afghan tribal and political leaders. Ideally once they learn they can trust us they will become more cooperative in defeating the Taliban, victory will follow upon victory, and soon we will be able to bring our military forces home.

This might be a workable plan were it not for the fact that Muslims are forbidden by their bible, the Qur’an, to make friends with non-Muslims, who they call infidels. So how and when will we be able to get Afghan Muslims – who believe that it is perfectly acceptable to lie, deceive and apply a double standard when dealing with infidels – to trust us and honestly cooperate? Is our hope to make friends of the Afghans and to defeat the Taliban an absurd impossibility?

People often ask whether Islam is a religion of peace. The answer is both yes and no. Supposedly it will become a religion of peace once the whole world has been converted to Islam. If you are already a Muslim then for you it is a religion of peace. But if you are a non-Muslim it is a religion of violence. And it will remain a religion of violence to you unless and until you deny your own religion and accept Islam.

You see Islam follows a double standard. Allah directs that all non-Muslims accept Islam and live under Shari’a Law. But at the same time it is a crime for a Muslim to convert from Islam to another religion. The punishment for those who convert is death.

Additionally, Muslims are forbidden to be friends with non-Muslims. Muslims can lie, deceive and pretend to trust and be friends with non-Muslims, but in their Muslim hearts non-Muslims must always be considered to be infidels by them.

A Muslim’s first allegiance is to Islam. Only after that can considerations of allegiance to family and country be measured. So a Muslim’s taking of an oath of loyalty to the United States, or any other non-Islamic country, is probably meaningless.

The Qur’an, was written in sections (called surahs) over a period of 23 years. Some parts of the surahs conflict with other parts of the surahs. I’ve been told that the newer surahs take precedence over the older ones. For example, surahs written in the first years may speak of living peacefully with infidels and treating them with respect. While those written in the last years probably speak of death, violence and making war against the very same infidels with whom they initially made peace.

We Americans strive to be so politically correct these days that Muslims are able to take advantage of our constitutional freedom and tolerance to the point of destroying the fabric of the America our Founders fought and died for. If Islam and its Shari’a Law are permitted to continue to run their natural course in the U.S., unchallenged, the America we know will one day cease to exist.

The long range goal of Islam is to conquer the U.S., Europe, and the western world for Allah and then move on to force the rest of the world to adopt Islam. Our hope of making friends and building trust with Muslim Afghans may be an unrealistic and dangerously naïve goal.