My Next Ambush Target

Well, folks, I guess I should introduce myself. I have the absolute privilege of being the new editor here at HUMAN EVENTS. I look forward to bringing you hard-hitting, investigative analysis that exposes this corrupt administration’s never-ending quest to sink our country into the abyss of socialism. ObamaCare was just the appetizer. The entrée is on the way. But don’t fret: HUMAN EVENTS has your back. We’ll keep you informed, and more importantly, we’ll equip you with what the Left hates most (the facts) so that you’re armed and ready for battle. All hands on deck, people!

So a little about me. I grew up in New York City (yes, there are conservatives there) and have a penchant for cornering politicians on camera and holding them accountable for many of the insane things that come out of their mouth. In fact, I think I have a new target.

Did you know that the reason you’re fuming mad about the ObamaCare debacle is not because Democrats just piled up another insolvent government program atop our other insolvent government programs? Nope. And you’re certainly not upset that for the first time in our history we’re forced to purchase a government-approved product. Nah. It’s not because ObamaCare has more than $600 billion in tax hikes in an economy facing double-digit employment for years to come. Forget about it! And you’re certainly not angry at the mind-boggling deficits we’ll experience as far as the eyes can see. No way!

According to our enthroned leaders in Washington, D.C., you oppose Barack’s government takeover of health-care because… you’re just too dumb to understand what’s good for you. I kid you not. On Monday, Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) appeared on a podcast to deride Tea Party activists as lacking the “rational abilities” to know what’s in their best interest. Speaking of opponents, Conyers said, “they’re going to be beneficiaries but they don’t know it,” claiming that their ability to think clearly has been “compromised.”

And there you have liberalism’s arrogance on full display. John Conyers and his ilk in Congress know better how to run your health-care needs. Silly for us to think that such a decision would be better made by individuals themselves.