Open Letter to Immigrants: Embrace Conservatism

This is an open letter to immigrants hoping to achieve American citizenship and the right to vote. Yes, our national demographics are changing. That’s precisely why it’s important to explain why you—as a new American—should embrace the ideals and values of conservatism.
We conservatives want you to join our cause, but we will not pander. We want you to be part of our movement—not because we will give you something—but because conservatism creates prosperity for everyone, including immigrants.
Conservatism is a “way of life” that enables a great country to remain great. It begins with a reverence for the men and women who risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to declare a new nation based on freedom. It holds that with this freedom comes responsibilities, and with these responsibilities comes initiative.
The idea of people being responsible for their own well-being is what has made the United States an exceptional nation. While other countries have allowed their governments to control much of their daily lives, the people of the United States have been free to pursue “the American Dream.” We can attend the schools of our choice, apply for the jobs we want and create our own businesses. Progressives, on the other hand, believe in a concept of so-called “fairness” that allows government to punish people for being successful.
If you come from a Socialist country such as Cuba or Venezuela, you may notice that America has many wealthy people and many poor people. Rich people in America are inspired by positive incentives to produce and create wealth.

Incentive is important in healthcare too, where progressives in our country have just passed a law they call “reform.” But who will want to become a doctor when doctors all work for the government? Will our care improve? Not likely. Progressives want a Canadian-style healthcare system, but many Canadians, including elected officials, come to the United States to see our doctors.
The current leaders of our country are “progressives.” Some in Congress and President Barack Obama want to pass laws that will make government larger and more powerful. One of those is a big tax on energy. If government controls our healthcare system—and energy—it will be in charge of almost every part of our lives. Just like in Venezuela.
Conservatives believe that the free market will invent new ways to power our country because there are profits to be made. By making a profit, businesses will build more factories and hire more people. That helps America maintain its booming middle class—the people who pay most of the taxes that fund our government.
But what happens if the government takes control of our economy? President Obama will be able to achieve his stated campaign goal of “spreading the wealth around.” America will then be more “equal,” but it will be less free. It will be more like Cuba, Venezuela or Mexico—some of the places you left to come here.
What part of conservatism do you not understand?
And how will you cast your precious vote? Your friends and family may urge you to get behind progressives so that the government will take care of you. But just as it was in your home country, the more government gives you, the more it takes away. We humbly and heartily solicit your support for candidates who are committed to the values of conservatism. They won’t take care of you, but they will keep you free.


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