Steele Acknowledges Mistakes, Rallies Crowd as Last Speaker at SRLC (Video)

NEW ORLEANS — “You can’t please everyone — but you can certainly make them all mad at you at the same time,” said RNC Chairman Michael Steele as he took the podium to conclude the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

Steele made no excuses for the RNC’s recent extravagant spending and his controversial comments on “Good Morning America,” commenting several times throughout his speech that he had made mistakes.  

The chairman noted that, coming into November, Democrats are going to be looking for distractions.

“Lord knows I’ve provided a few," said a serious Steele. “I’ve made mistakes… The one mistake we cannot make this November is to lose.”

Steele’s demeanor was less jovial than prior public appearances, but he still grabbed the support of those listening in the ballroom. “Congress should be focused on nothing else except restoring economic growth and stability for our job creating sector,” said Steele.

“Instead, every single piece of legislation Democrats in Washington have passed has been a job killer. From cap and trade to the fraudulent so called stimulus and now the governments take over of healthcare, Democrats have committed the worst kind of economic malpractice.”

“[Americans] are feed up and ready to throw the bums out,” said Steele to applause. (see video below)

Steele, reached out and shook the hands of several attendees at the conclusion of his speech.