Hannity Book Hits Obama

New York Times best-selling author, radio talk show and Fox News host Sean Hannity has a hard-hitting new book out today, his first in six years. With the release of Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama’s Radical Agenda, Hannity kicks off a national book signing tour this afternoon at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Calif.

Hannity has written a well documented, no-holds-barred look at the radical background and associations of President Barack Obama.  From the Rev. Jeremiah Wright — the President’s 20-year pastor — and Wright’s embrace of the Marxist-based Black Liberation Theology, to Obama’s friends and White House staff, Hannity lays out the radical background and ideology of all of this President’s men and women who carry out his far-left agenda.

Hannity doesn’t leave Republicans out of the crosshairs, either.  He takes an in-depth look those Republicans who have greatly undermined the party through the corrosive embrace of liberalism.

“Republicans — at least Beltway Republicans — just cannot seem to stand political prosperity.  Even when they were flying high, as they were after the 2004 elections, many Republican leaders still seem to be afraid of their shadows.  They refuse to answer the constant pounding of liberal moralizing and the pressure of political correctness.  When confronted by the allegation that conservatives lack compassion, they simply fold their cards and walk away.”

To the few Republican big-government Democrat-lite culprits still left in office, Hannity proffers, “The Republican Party needs to recognize these failures in order to correct them.  We can cry unfairness all we want, but no matter what Democratic politicians do, Republicans cannot excuse themselves by pointing the finger at their rivals.” But Hannity’s examination of history goes further, debunking myths perpetrated by liberals mainly in the mainstream media.

Drawing a deep, cool drink of water from the speeches and historical record of Ronald Reagan, Hannity makes the convincing case for a return to the common-sense conservatism embodied by the Reagan presidency that caused a decades-long explosion of economic growth in America.

The book offers a handy collection of historical data sets that have been long-subjected to revisionist history.

“When Ronald Reagan took office the liberal darling Jimmy Carter left him a nation in economic shambles: 7.4 percent unemployment heading toward 10 percent; double-digit inflation; and interest rates of some 21 percent.  The country needed help and fast.

“Reagan responded by making broad supply-side cuts in marginal income tax rates, designed to break the logjam in the American economy.  Liberals were up in arms at the cuts, crying that they would send federal revenues plummeting.  They painted Reagan as a reverse Robin Hood, stealing from the poor and giving to the rich while causing unmanageable budget deficits.

“The opposite is true.  After Reagan’s tax cuts, the rich actually paid more taxes, proportionately, than they had before the cuts were implemented.”

This important book is chock full of facts and footnoted sourcing, and is a vital handbook for those seeking to turn back the advances of radical policy being cultivated by the Obama Administration.

“Obama and his party stand for America’s economic bankruptcy, virtual surrender in the war on terror, and a culture of death, from abortion to embryonic stem cell research to healthcare rationing tantamount to death panels.  He stands for a comprehensive radicalization of our culture, from turning our schools over to homosexual activists, to undermining the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, to expanding the dependency classes.  He stands for polarization and alienation between racial and ethnic groups, and between those of different economic circumstances.  He stands for government swallowing the private sector and equalizing income and asset distribution; he may even use the courts, if he can pull it off, to impose what he and his fellow radicals call ‘economic justice,’ a grand-scale version of ‘spreading the wealth around.’”

Hannity’s book offers solid solutions in his “Items for Victory” and a path back to America’s first principles.  He defines a substantial path forward using the Republican Party as a vehicle to take back that conservative ground. And his book takes a realistic look at the Tea Party movement and third party electoral unintended consequences:  siphoning off enough votes from Republicans to elect  liberals.

Hannity has offered an important book, a common-sense blueprint for a conservative victory in the concise, plain-speaking language of the American people.

This book is a must read as we head into one of the most important election seasons America has ever faced come November 2010.  This book offers the information you need to arm yourself for the political battle ahead.