Book Review: Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation

In 2008, twenty-somethings like me began to notice a disturbing new creature appearing on their college campuses around the country and all over their favorite social networking sites.  They seemed to spread out everywhere, spewing meaningless dribble in the form of campaign slogans and infecting others as the year went on until it appeared a full-blown epidemic had emerged.  What were these ominous beings and where did they come from?

Well, Jason Mattera’s new book Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation answers that very question.  In one of the most detailed and insightful looks behind the curtain of the Obama campaign’s assault on young voters Jason reveals facts that are imperative to learn if we, as conservatives, want to compete for the hearts and minds of young people. 

This book shows precisely how a disgustingly corrupt news and entertainment media, vapid celebrities, healthcare and global-warming alarmism, hack comedians and a professionally coordinated online operation took advantage of a generation of young idealists who are too inexperienced at life to truly understand how ineffective and inefficient government really is.  But instead of relying pure on conjecture, Obama Zombies provides details about how liberals use their tactics against young people and gives precise numbers on the success those tactics lead to. The book provides tangible standards for judging just how soundly the left and the Obama campaign dominated the right and the McCain campaign among young people on issues and online.  The numbers Jason reveals are staggering and, indeed, quite troubling.

However, unlike many pundits who have addressed the domination of liberalism over youth, Jason goes the extra, most important, mile.  He doesn’t simply identify and decry the problem of Obama Zombies.  He doesn’t just examine and explain how they came to be.  Instead he does what he did when he realized that the media was horribly inept and decided to confront corrupt politicians directly through his now famous ambush interviews.  He does what he did when he saw that college conservatives needed a voice and started working with the Young America’s Foundation.  He takes action.

Obama Zombies well chronicles how liberals have taken advantage of and brain-washed my generation, yes, but the book , more importantly, is a practical roadmap showing conservatives how to take it back.  Jason provides six simple yet undeniably important steps we must take in order to rescue the seemingly clueless—steps that promote conservatism’s ideas, confront liberalism’s lies and restore American traditions in ways that are easily disseminated to and digested by young people. 

This book is essential reading, not just for those hoping to understand the Obama Zombie phenomenon but also for those wanting to know how to reverse it.  It should be required reading for any parents about to send their child to college and for the college student too. Obama Zombies exposes exactly how liberals will be working to win the student’s mind and exactly how fight back against the brainwashing.

For all of those who care about the future of the conservative movement and our country this book is an absolute must read.