Young Voters Obamacare's Biggest Victims

The passage of Obamacare created many losers, but none greater than for Americans under the age of 30, the very voters on whom Team Obama performed a pixel-driven lobotomy during the 2008 presidential election.

The majority of Americans who opposed President Barack Obama’s healthcare bill are shaking their heads and wondering how such a legislative monstrosity could lurch its way to passage.  The answer harkens back to the 2008 election:  Team Obama brainwashed 66% of younger voters, the very citizens who will now be engulfed by the $1 trillion tidal wave Mr. Obama just sent crashing over their (and their children’s and grandchildren’s) heads. 

During the presidential campaign, David Plouffe, David Axelrod and Obama built a technologically savvy marketing machine that shotgunned Twitter messages at Mach speed, sent YouTube clips ricocheting around the globe, and built a gargantuan digital tribe of Facebook followers.  My generation fell for the marketing blitz.  And now, we are the ones stuck with the consequences of what the healthcare debacle will mean for our health and our wealth (or lack thereof).

First, people under 30 will suffer the largest hits on premium increases.  As the Washington Post has reported, young adults are likely to pay a huge chunk of Obamacare’s costs.  The Oliver Wyman consulting firm conducted a study that revealed that premiums for individuals will jump by $1,576 and families will see their premiums soar by $3,341.
This, of course, affects young people the worst, as those fresh out of college struggle to land jobs in an increasingly hostile job market.  More than that, the study projects that Mr. Obama’s overhaul of the American healthcare system will mean that new health insurance policy premiums purchased by the youngest third of the population will rise by 35% under the bill. 

(Advice to my fellow Gen Y’ers:  Kiss your iTunes and Starbucks habits goodbye.)

Second, the individual mandate provision—which forces us young, healthier folks to buy Obamacare whether we want to or not—is nothing more than stealing from us to take care of grandma and gramps.  Think of it as inheritance in reverse.

When President Bill Clinton tried to ram Hillarycare down the American throat, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office compared a compulsory health are decree to…the military draft! Quoth the CBO:  “Federal mandates that apply to individuals as members of society are extremely rare. One example is the requirement that draft-age men register with the Selective Service System.  The Congressional Budget Office is not aware of any others imposed by current federal law.”

Stop and reread that statement.  This legislative lunacy holds no other precedent beyond that which ensures the protection and preservation of the Republic.  Americans under the age of 30 are now being asked to view service to one’s nation as equivalent to allowing the federal government to raid your piggy bank in the service of footing someone else’s cure for the sniffles. 
What ever happened to economic freedom?  What about the radical notion that individuals should have the right to buy or forgo buying whatever products they choose? 

The youth voters never asked these questions, so caught up in the Mr.Obama’s coolness tsunami as we were.  Now that the uber swag “Yes We Can” YouTube videos have fizzled and the iconic red and blue Obama posters have faded, we are left with the economic and healthcare consequences we have wrought.

Not cool, Mr. Obama. Not cool at all.

Jason Mattera‘s new book, Obama Zombies: How The Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation is now available.