USMC Tea Partiers?

Jed noticed a phenomenon at today’s Tea Party rally against Obamacare on Capitol Hill.  

As usual, there were Americans from all over the country, coming here at their own expense. There were people of all ages, races and sizes.  We’ve seen all types of them at earlier Tea Party demonstrations. 

But this time there was something new.  A lot of guys who had really short hair.  Too many shoes looked well-shined, not the usual footwear you see at a political rally.   And a lot of them – bless ‘em all – were carrying and waving the flag of the United States Marine Corps.

Gentlemen (and ladies), we have a question for you.  Is there a USMC Alumni Tea Party out there for the organizing?  If so, we’d love to help.

There are two ways to let us know.

1. Leave a comment and forward this article so your friends can leave a comment.
2. Email and Mike Piccione the editor of Guns & Patriots will start making a roster of ready, willing and able bodies.

We’re in this to win it, and if we can help you all get organized, hold town hall meetings, and so forth, it will be our honor to do so.

Let us know.  And don’t delay.  This is a TACAMO moment in American history:  we need to Take Charge and Move Out. 

Here at HUMAN EVENTS we are standing by and ready to deploy. OooRah! Semper Fi.