Obama Embraces Amnesty

It’s official:  The Obama administration plans to push a mass amnesty.

It became official even before the New York Times reported the president’s plan to look “for a path for illegal immigrants to become legal,” said “a senior administration official.”

The White House website says that the president supports a plan to, “Bring People Out of the Shadows,” which it describes as “…a system that allows undocumented immigrants who are in good standing to pay a fine, learn English, and go to the back of the line for the opportunity to become citizens.”  

No surprise, though.  Obama embraced amnesty on the campaign trail (like being pro-abortion, amnesty is Democratic dogma).  He recently pledged legalization to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.  He hired a top aide from the ethnic lobby “La Raza.”

Great idea, right?  Legalize the status of 10-12 million illegal aliens.  Take the issue off the table.

Allow illegals the privilege of staying in the United States permanently, eventually obtaining U.S. citizenship, sponsoring distant relatives for chain migration visas, qualifying for even more public welfare programs and redistribution-of-wealth opportunities.

Of course, this is what we did in 1986, and that backfired horribly.  That mass amnesty overwhelmed the bureaucracy, led to widespread fraud and abuse, spurred four times as much illegal immigration over the next two decades and further cost taxpayers through the public programs the newly legalized now qualified for.

And such wonderful timing.  In the depths of an economic recession, when more than 660,000 Americans lost their jobs in March.  

Thousands of jobs have vanished each month since January 2008.  More than 15 million Americans are officially listed as unemployed or underemployed.  After the economy turns the corner, it will likely be months before the labor market begins to recover.

Amazingly, hard core open-borders business lobbies argue with a straight face, even today, that they can’t find Americans to take their jobs.  They swear theirs are jobs unemployed Americans won’t do.  

Others make outlandish claims that we need even more foreign workers because they’d be more entrepreneurial.  (Seriously, these hacks actually make such claims.)

Want a better economic stimulus plan?  Enforce our immigration laws — at the border, in the interior, by state and local police as well as the feds, and in the workplace.  

And let the labor market take care of itself with the pool of homegrown talent.  Isn’t this the nation that put a man on the moon, achieved the world’s highest standard of living and created more jobs than other developed nations?

In a recent report, Pulitzer Prize winner Jerry Kammer found a beneficial effect where interior enforcement actions occurred.  The 2006 Swift plant arrests of 1,300 illegal alien workers have resulted in rising wages.

And reduce legal immigration by eliminating “chain migration.”  These are visas for distant relatives like grown children with their own families, adult siblings and others several times removed from the original immigrant and his nuclear family unit.  They don’t have to meet any kind of educational or skills or literacy requirements.

But special interests and the new political regime aren’t thinking about curbing the inflow.  Rather, their political artillery has been softening up the ground for amnesty.  The Obama-ites at Homeland Security are curbing workplace enforcement, and gutting interior and local policing.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has criticized enforcement of immigration laws as “un-American.”  Rep. Luiz Gutierrez has taken a road show to leftish churches hoping to replenish their empty pews, not by preaching the Gospel faithfully, but by importation.

The ethnic advocacy and allied lobbies for amnesty are planning a fresh round of May Day marches.  Here’s one alert:

“This May 1st, millions of immigrants and their allies will march in the streets of small towns and big cities across America to call for justice.  Every day, immigrants work side-by-side with citizens to strengthen our economy and rebuild our communities.  It’s time we join the fight for comprehensive immigration reform and help create a path to citizenship for undocumented Americans.”

Open-borders zealots have stepped up name-calling, intimidation and McCarthyist tactics to squelch its opposition.  In that same vein, a Homeland Security report used innuendo that immigration-control advocates might possibly, somehow, occasionally include a bad apple that becomes a violent radical.

Democrats apparently see amnesty and mass immigration as a route to political majority.  “The arrival of additional immigrant workers is ‘bad for blue-collars,’ Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, told National Journal late last year [2006].  But immigrants can help elect Democratic majorities, and ‘if [a Democratic Congress] were to significantly strengthen unions, then you would offset the negative effect on the income of workers,’ he said.”

Well, at least one party has a clear goal — importing a new, liberal electorate — despite the harm it does to American blue-collar workers.  

Some in the Republican Party haven’t figured out that they can’t outbid or outpander Democrats.  The party of Big Government will always be able to outdo them.  

Neither has it dawned on Republicans that the issues on which the immigrant vote will turn are pocketbook issues — not conservative positions on life, gay rights, guns, crime, education, health or even taxes (because immigrants tend to be in the bottom half of income earners, which pays a mere 3 percent of federal taxes).

Amnesty is wrong today and for the foreseeable future.  And it will be up to conservatives to again defeat it in Congress this year.