Regnery To Publish Ted Leonsis' 'The Business of Happiness'

Regnery Publishing announced today it has signed a major publishing contract with Washington Capitals owner and AOL vice chairman emeritus Ted Leonsis. His new book, The Business of Happiness, will be released in early 2010.

Ted Leonsis is a serial entrepreneur and visionary who was a driving force behind the rise of America Online as a global brand. Today, he’s still creating new companies, is a successful sports team owner, an award-winning documentary filmmaker…and a very happy man. But he wasn’t always happy, and he’s not happy now just because he’s successful.

More than a quarter century ago, at the age of 25, Ted Leonsis was already a highly successful entrepreneur, but reflecting on his life after surviving a plane crash, he realized that he wasn’t truly happy. Walking away from that plane crash, Leonsis was determined to discover the secret to happiness. Using the same analytical skills that had brought him great business success, he began to study happiness in fellow business executives, successful entertainers, and professional athletes, as well as typical Americans.

The Business of Happiness is the result of Leonsis’s findings. Leonsis reveals the six approaches to life that happy people share, and how these six key tenets lead to greater business success. Most surprisingly, Leonsis explains that it’s not success that makes us happy, but happiness that makes us successful.

Leonsis was represented by Folio Literary Management.