I Beg Your Pardon: Hillary and Holder?

There can be only one reason Barry Obama would consider Hillary Clinton for Secretary of the State: kowtowing to feminists he snubbed by not picking Hillary as his VP choice. The fact Hillary is set to accept the nomination says two things: either she feels she has no chance of being president in 2012 or she intends to run against Obama with Secretary of the State added to her resume.

Hillary Clinton is not qualified to head the State Department; Hillary has the Clinton name, which gives her political clout and rock star fame, but she has no actual political experience despite the fact she co-ruled America for eight years. Being Senator for the past eight years does not meet the criteria for handing out autographed basketballs to Kim Jung IL.

Obama, the man who claims he wants “change” for America and Washington, is simply bringing back Clintonian politics by choosing Hillary as Secretary of the State. Mr. “change” has no intentions of changing Washington at all, rather rehiring Democrat cronies responsible for the crumbling economy and pardoning criminals.

Obama has appointed former Deputy Attorney General to Janet Reno Eric Holder as Attorney General. Holder is connected to the pardon of Mark Rich, the man who fled the U.S, in 1993 to avoid trial for tax evasion, racketeering, and trading with America’s enemies. Holder supported Rich’s pardon without notifying federal prosecutors who would have opposed the pardon.

Eric Holder is linked to the pardons of the Hispanic terrorist group FALN. FALN is responsible for 146 bombings and armed robberies that left nine dead and hundreds injured. Bill Clinton granted clemency to 16 jailed FALN members with Holder’s approval during Hillary’s 1999 New York Senate campaign. Hillary needed New York City’s 1.3 million Hispanic votes.

Holder was involved with Janet Reno’s decision to remove Elian Gonzales at gunpoint from a Miami home because the seven year-old was a danger to Americans. Holder is also connected to the commuting of the Weather Underground terrorists. Obama launched his campaign from the home of Weather Underground bombers Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn.

Obama is proving his politics are not fresh, new, and hopeful, rather old, stale, and questionable.

Appointing Hillary Clinton means dealing with Bill. One does not come without the other; and neither come without scandals and pardoned drug felons. Picking Eric Holder to head the FBI means placing Clinton policies back in the Justice Department.

The media is praising the Hillary choice. News analysts claim Hillary is an excellent alternative for dealing with foreign affairs. Hillary has not accomplished anything significant in eight years that would compare her to Condoleezza Rice, a black American more qualified to be president-elect than Barry Obama. Hillary’s greatest achievement is that she is married to America’s first black president and feminist’s favorite adulterer.

The qualities that endear Hillary to liberals are she is a former Goldwater-Republican-turned-Black Panther-supporting-liberal Democrat; despite her grilling Obama during their one-one-one debate about supporting Israel and denouncing anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, Hillary has championed the PLO and was photographed kissing Suha Arafat after Mrs. Arafat accused Jews of poisoning Palestinian children. One must remember Bill Clinton tried to annex 99% of Israel to Yasser Arafat. Those actions make Hillary a heroine to the left; they don’t make her eligible to run the State Department.

Hillary Clinton’s policies vary slightly enough to cause Obama problems: Hillary supports the War on Terror for her own political aspirations: she wants to be president, Barry Obama is against the war and intends on pulling America out of Iraq. Hillary backed the Iraq surge, Obama did not. Placing Hillary into the State Department is not wise on Obama’s part if he wants to fulfill his anti-war policies: he will be up against Hillary Clinton and her people. Obama will be at the mercy of the Clinton machine, not to mention competing with Bill Clinton for the limelight.

Obama can not push Bill Clinton into the shadows, silence him, keep him away from the press, and prevent him from being co-Secretary of the State. America’s actual black-skin president will be competing with America’s first black president. The Clintons are loyal to no one but themselves. Bill Clinton will use his wife’s position to push his own global agenda. Hillary will do as she always has: use everyone and everything for her goal: president.

Selecting Hillary to run the State Department basically says she’s the best crook Democrats can come up with for the position. Placing Eric Holder at the head of the Justice Department means homegrown terrorists and thieves are safe from a Republican Administration for the next four years.