Are Taxpayers Paying for This?

The United States Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Ohio Secretary of State, Democrat Jennifer Brunner, could continue her quest to place hundreds of thousands of non-authenticated voters onto the rolls of the state of Ohio just prior to the elections.  The Court reversed the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals and found that the GOP lawsuit was improper because it was brought by a private entity.  

Upwards of 200,000 of the over 666,000 new registrations are already in question, and given the fraudulent registrations submitted system-wide by community organizer group ACORN, Ohio’s Democrat-led state government is poised to serve up an election a third-world dictator would covet.

McCain-Palin campaign manager Rick Davis held a press conference call on Friday to address the McCain campaign’s growing concern over more links between Barack Obama and community organizer group ACORN during this election.  Allegations of voter fraud and voter registration fraud are now so widespread that the FBI has stepped in to investigate ACORN for Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization (RICO) violations in 14 battleground states.

Referring to the first bank bailout attempt that failed, Davis said, “Barack Obama actively supported a Senate plan to cut ACORN into a percentage of the profits that would be generated by a massive trillion dollar bailout as part of the failed negotiation attempt that Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress claimed was the deal that John McCain upset the applecart on. I think the American public is probably happy that that deal never transpired.”  

The McCain campaign is also asking for full disclosure of the relationship between ACORN and the Obama campaign.  Davis said, “We also have suggested that we examine exactly what voter registration activity was compiled by ACORN as a part of this relationship with the Barack Obama campaign. What did they do in turnout? What was the nature of the functions that they performed? And what did they get for the $800,000 that they spent on this?”

Republican House Leader John Boehner released a statement on Friday exposing the staggering amount of money ACORN receives from taxpayers.  Boehner said, “An initial review of federal records shows ACORN affiliates have received at least $31 million in direct federal funding from American taxpayers over the past 10 years, and millions more indirectly through state and local agencies that receive federal block grants. … In conjunction with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and its political allies in the Democratic Party, ACORN also played a key role in creating the financial crisis that ultimately put our entire economy in peril.  It’s time for us to stop forcing American taxpayers to fund the ACORN machine.”

Obama is now downplaying both his historic and his existing ties to ACORN.  Having never explained his ties to terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, among others, ACORN is just another in a long line of radical affiliations Obama has not fully disclosed.  ACORN is a group Obama once worked for as a community organizer and trainer, a group he represented as an attorney in court, and a group he allocated funding to while serving on the board of the Woods Foundation under the mentorship of terrorist Ayers.  While in the Illinois State Senate and now in the United States Senate, Obama worked to allocate funding to ACORN.  This year, Obama’s presidential campaign paid ACORN-affiliate group Citizens Services, Inc., the sum of $832,000 for something the campaign categorized as “event activity.”  

One of the founders of ACORN is the hard-left radical Wade Rathke, a member of the pro-Communist group Students for a Democratic Society (SDS).  Back in the 60s, a political faction within the SDS came to power as the elected leadership, a group calling itself The Weathermen (from the Bob Dylan song "Subterranean Homesick Blues" — “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”)  In 1969, the Weathermen split off from the main SDS group — the members assuming false identities and changing the group name to the more ominous Weather Underground — and began their terrorist rampage of bombings and murder.  Obama colleague, terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who later would become Ayers’ wife, were leaders of the Weather Underground terrorist group that claimed responsibility for 25 bombings including the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, New York City Police Headquarters and a failed plot to blow up a dinner dance at Ft. Dix, New Jersey.  The Weathermen accidentally set off the bomb in their own Manhattan apartment killing three of the group, averting the likely death of dozens of U.S. servicemen and women at Ft. Dix.  It is from this group of radical, pro-Communist SDS activists that ACORN emerged, led by Rathke.

In an America where the Fourth Estate existed in the “mainstream,” Obama would have a lot of explaining to do.