The World According to Obama

The mainstream media is in full court press. After using the ‘financial crisis” to hasten the passage of bailout legislation which shielded Democrats like Barney Frank and Franklin D. Raines from prosecution, they now reference market woes ad nauseum, attempting to keep our minds off the many troubling aspects of Barack Obama’s candidacy. We’ve only three more weeks and one more debate to change gears and remind the electorate that, in spite of large market drops, “it’s [not] the economy, stupid,” it’s the plethora of inconsistencies and leftist goals in Obama’s world.

It’s his opposition to laws protecting marriage, his plans to open up the military to homosexuals, his opposition to the Second Amendment, and his willingness to kill both the born and unborn alike.

There needs be dialogue about the fact that in Obama’s world, one can espouse support for “struggling families” in town hall debates and infomercials without explaining his support for infanticide (murder by another name), and the abolition of the Defense of Marriage Act.

How is it that Obama can both support families and seek to destroy them through ultra-liberal abortion policies and an outright war on traditional marriage?

Think about it, folks. What kind of perverted politician supports laws like Obama supports — laws that forbid doctors and nurses from resuscitating or otherwise staving off the death of a child who survives an abortion? The answer to this question should be far more important to us than the answer to questions about when the Dow will hit 10,000 again.

Obama freely admits he has “not come to a firm resolution on” whether life begins at conception or not. He admits this in questionnaires he’s answered and at settings such at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, where he said the determination of when life begins was above his pay grade. It should trouble us beyond measure that, in Obama’s world, if you’re not sure the baby is a baby, it is okay to kill it. I much preferred Ronald Reagan’s position, when he said that, in such a situation, we should always give life the benefit of the doubt.

We need to remind the electorate that, in Obama’s world, you can both support the Second Amendment and seek to eliminate it. He has commercials running down here in Texas showing hunters shaking hands with him, but I’ve not seen any counter-commercials that show he endorsed a gun ban in Illinois, that he pushed for limiting gun purchases to one a month in 2000, that the concealed carry laws he supports are only for retired police officers, that he wants to reinstate the assault weapons ban, and that he opposed the legislation that protected firearm manufacturers from frivolous lawsuits.

The point needs to be made that, in Obama’s world, you can shake a hunter’s hand while simultaneously reaching around his back with your other hand to ban the very rifle with which he hunts.

As always, the NRA has done yeoman’s work on Obama’s opposition to private gun ownership. They uncovered his involvement with the Joyce Foundation where, as a board member, he directly “oversaw the distribution of $18 million to gun ban groups,” and a 1996 questionnaire in which he espoused support for a ban on “the manufacture, sale, and possession of handguns” — period.

We can never forget that it was Obama who thought the D.C. gun ban was reasonable and who subsequently though the Heller decision reasonable as well. But they can’t both be reasonable. One is a ban and the other is a ruling that bans are unconstitutional.

Lastly, attention needs to be drawn to the fact that Obama plans to do away with “don’t ask don’t tell” and simply allow homosexuals to serve openly in the U.S. military (I don’t know how long “experts” believe it will be before we have gay bath houses on our military installations if he succeeds in this, but history teaches us they are sure to follow).

Obama promised to welcome homosexuals into the military in a campaign pamphlet distributed in San Francisco on the same visit where he mocked mid-westerners for clinging to God, guns, and anti-illegal immigration policies. In Obama’s world, the sanctity and cohesion of our military is simply one more thing he’ll throw under the bus to repay voters who elect him to office.

Senator McCain is an honorable man, and I hope someone will remind him that pointing out Obama’s inconsistencies and leftist agenda will make him no less honorable; it will simply indicate he’s actually trying to win the office.

The American people need to look away from their wallets long enough to realize that Obama is a threat to the family, an avid supporter of the homosexual agenda, a novice on the military and the importance of unity within its ranks, and a full-fledged enemy of the right to keep and bear arms.

In the world according to Obama, these positions are something to be proud of. But in the world of reality, where the majority of us live, these positions portend the end of America as we know it and as our Founders intended it.