When Truth Doesn't Matter, Any Old Lie Will Do

The bailout finally passed. Bush pushed it, liberals loved it, and Republicans supported it. Yet it did not pass without the help of media personalities who made certain to distract the public from what the Democrats had done to cause the mess in the first place. In what proved to be one of the biggest Democrat cover-ups since Ted Kennedy avoided charges in Mary Jo Kopechne’s death, the media covered for the Democrats by blaming the “financial crisis” on everything from de-regulation to testosterone, while we did ourselves in by adhering to the tenets of political correctness.

Apart from Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Mark Steyn, and a handful of others (who deserve praise for opposing the bailout from day one), hardly anyone in the media bothered pointing out that Democrats had caused the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by granting loans based on applicant’s skin color instead of their credit score. The mainstream media’s goal was simple: there’s a crisis upon us, so they had to find a way to blame Republicans for it and conceal the Democrats’ culpability.

When the conservatives in the House of Representatives refused to take the bait and rejected the bailout the first time around (September 29), the leftist media was aghast. To remedy things, they threw away their Ritalin and went on a 24/7 binge of lies, lies, and more lies that may have even surpassed the example set by the master of falsehood, Bill Clinton. The kooks came out and the fringe left held nothing back because they understood that the facts had to be suppressed at all costs.

It was “Bush’s fault,” just like the hurricanes and 9/11, and an outgrowth the policy of deregulation. Thus Nancy Pelosi said: “We know that the free markets create jobs, create capital, and create wealth — that’s very important. But recently, left unregulated and undisciplined and unsupervised, [they’ve] created chaos.” By presenting the crisis this way, the Dems were able to make it seem like the only thing standing between American families and the “relief they deserved” was a stubborn House GOP. (I would like to say the Republicans in the Senate stood in the way as well, but we all know better than that.)

Of course the media didn’t stop here. Like a car salesman who never learns, they went into over-sale mode with a vengeance. Writing in the “Scientific American,” Jordan Lite asked the poignant question: “Is testosterone to blame for the financial crisis?”

Quit laughing: I’m serious. Lite relied on a Harvard study that examined the different risks men take based on testosterone levels in their bodies. This study allowed Lite to tell readers that “students with more masculine facial features, such as prominent jaws and cheekbones, …were riskier with their cash” than men with less defined features, and that “long-term, above-average testosterone levels may [have] perhaps eventually lead to irrational risk-taking, and thus lower profits” in the current financial crisis. (The last time I heard something this crazy, Barney Frank was slobbering on himself while saying it.)

There’s no testosterone problem behind the mortgage problems — Lite knows it, you know it, and I know it. That’s just a means of skirting the facts. Kinda like Biden’s multitude of lies about his support for clean coal, the middle class, and his frequent trips to Home Depot in Wilmington, Delaware. Simply put, the Democrats have figured out that in an age such as ours, where truth doesn’t matter, any old lie will do.

The Democrats also know that we won’t fight back. We have so shackled ourselves with political correctness that even our most prominent conservative figure, Sarah Palin, could not bring herself to pin the blame for the mortgage problems on the Democrats in the VP debate.

Gwen Ifill asked: “Who do you think was at fault [for the financial crisis] Gov. Palin? Was it the greedy lenders? Was it the risky home-buyers who shouldn’t have been buying a home in the first place? And what should you be doing about it?” Palin didn’t seize the moment and say, “I’m sorry Gwen, it was the Democrats’ fault.” Instead she toed McCain’s politically correct line and answered: “Darn right it was the predator lenders, who tried to talk Americans into thinking that it was smart to buy a $300,000 house if we could only afford a $100,000 house. There was deception there, and there was greed and there is corruption on Wall Street. And we need to stop that.”

Pelosi couldn’t have put it better. (Actually, she may have put it better in her press release after the passage of the bailout: “The high flyers on Wall Street will no longer be able to jeopardize [the] personal economic security of Americans, again, because of the bright light of scrutiny and accountability and the attention given under [this] regulatory reform.”)

I love Palin, but if she’s not going to name names, she might as well join Lite in blaming testosterone for our problems. The politically correct path she took simply assured Biden that he was in a safe place, just as Nancy Pelosi and Barney Frank realized they were safe after the House GOP opposed the bailout for “financial reasons” rather than the fact that it was a convenient cover-up for the Democrats.

In the short term, I am not optimistic about our culture or our politics if we’re content to allow falsehood to go unchecked. And while fringe pieces like Lite’s don’t bother me as much as they humor me, watching the House GOP and Palin refuse to place the blame where it belongs is very depressing.

By adopting politically correct methods, we’ve become our own captors. Yet we can free ourselves by being brave enough to speak the truth.