Who Voted 'No' to Protecting National Security?

The following congressmen voted ‘no’ or did not vote on today’s important FISA Amendment Act.

The only Republican to vote against the bill, Rep. Tim Johnson (Ill.), is listed in italics. HUMAN EVENTS spoke with Johnson’s press secretary as to why Johnson voted against protecting our national security with the FISA Amendment Act. He responded that Rep. Johnson “feels he voted that way in protection of our civil liberties…the powers that Department of Justice and other law enforcement officials need already exist. That system is working quite effectively.”

Abercrombie (Hawaii)
Allen (Maine)
Andrews (N.J.)
Baldwin (Wis.)
Becerra (Calif.)
Blumenauer (Ore.)
Brady (Pa.)
Braley (Iowa)
Capps (Calif.)
Capuano (Mass.)
Carnahan (Miss.)
Carson (Ind.)
Clarke (N.Y.)
Clay (Miss.)
Cohen (Tenn.)
Conyers (Mich.)
Costello (Ill.)
Courtney (Conn.)
Cummings (Md.)
Davis (Calif.)
Davis (Ill.)
DeFazio (Ore.)
DeGette (Colo.)
Delahunt (Mass.)
DeLauro (Conn.)
Dingell (Mich.)
Doggett (Texas)
Doyle  (Pa.)
Edwards (Md.)
Ellison (Minn.)
Eshoo (Calif.)
Farr (Calif.)
Fattah (Pa.)
Filner (Calif.)
Foster (Ill.)
Frank (Mass.)
Gonzalez (Texas)
Grijalva (Ariz.)
Hall (N.Y.)
Hare (Ill.)
Hill (Ind.)
Hinchey (N.Y.)
Hirono (Hawaii)
Hodes (N.H.)
Holt (N.J.)
Honda (Calif.)
Hooley (Ore.)
Inslee (Wash.)
Israel (N.Y.)
Jackson (Ill.)
Jackson-Lee (Texas)
Jefferson (La.)
Johnson (Ga.)
Johnson (Ill.)
Johnson, E. B. (Texas)
Jones (Ohio)
Kagen (Wisc.)
Kaptur (Ohio)
Kennedy (R.I.)
Kilpatrick (Mich.)
Kucinich (Ohio)
Larsen (Wash.)
Larson (Conn.)
Lee (Calif.)
Levin (Mich.)
Lewis (Ga.)
Loebsack (Iowa)
Lofgren, Zoe (Calif.)
Lynch (Mass.)
Maloney (N.Y.)
Markey (Mass.)
Matsui (Calif.)
McCollum (Minn.)
McDermott (Wash.)
McGovern (Mass.)
McNulty (N.Y.)
Meek (Fla.)
Michaud (Maine)
Miller (N.C.)
Miller, George (Calif.)
Mollohan (W.V.)
Moore (Wis.)
Moran (Va.)
Murphy (Conn.)
Nadler (N.Y.)
Napolitano Neal (Mass.)
Oberstar (Minn.)
Obey (Wis.)
Olver (Mass.)
Pallone (N.J.)
Pascrell (N.J.)
Pastor (Ariz.)
Payne (N.J.)
Price (N.C.)
Rangel (N.Y.)
Rothman (N.J.)
Roybal-Allard (Calif.)
Ryan (Ohio)
Sánchez, Linda T. (Calif.)
Sanchez, Loretta (Calif.)
Sarbanes (Md.)
Schakowsky (Ill.)
Schwartz (Pa.)
Scott (Va.)
Serrano (N.Y.)
Shea-Porter (N.H.)
Slaughter (N.Y.)
Solis (Calif.)
Speier (Calif.)
Sutton (Ohio)
Thompson (Calif.)
Tierney (Mass.)
Towns (N.Y.)
Tsongas (Mass.)
Udall (N.M.)
Van Hollen (Md.)
Velázquez (N.Y.)
Walz (Minn.)
Wasserman Schultz (Fla.)
Waters (Calif.)
Watson (Calif.)
Watt (N.C.)
Waxman (Calif.)
Weiner (N.Y.)
Welch (Vt.)
Wexler (Fla.)
Woolsey (Calif.)
Wu (Ore.)

Not Voting
Brown-Waite, Ginny (Fla.)
Cannon (Utah)
Gilchrest (Md.)
Gohmert (Texas)
Jones (N.C.)
Paul (Texas)
Peterson (Pa.)
Reynolds (N.Y.)
Rush (Ill.)
Stark (Calif.)
Tiahrt (Kan.)
Visclosky (Ind.)
Weller (Ill.)